June-July 2005

Articles from the June/July 2005 edition.

Anglicans embrace Mariolatry

Ulster Unionist Party swamped by DUP election successes

IRA still active in terrorist activities

Pope John Paul to be processed into a saint

Question being asked about the head of the Bank of Scotland in Ireland

Separation from the apostacy of the Presbyterian Church still a live issue, Pt2

The electoral wipeout of ecumenical unionism in the light of God’s word

A special article – Presbyterian compromise.

April 2005

Articles from the April 2005 edition.

Is the end nigh for the IRA???

Toll of 38 of those murdered by the IRA since the ceasefire began

Seamus Mallon rounds on Tony Blair

RC schools say NO to sodomites

Scottish Anglicans will not bar sodomite clerics

Blindness in part has happened unto Israel, Romans 11:25-27, Pt1 by David Baron

Dutch doctors want right to kill laws extended!

A hot reception is expected for the McCartney family

TV football “corrupts children”

Christians launch legal challenge against BBC over “Jerry Springer Opera”

The message of the resurrection

Special Report—Christian school donates to Tsunami fund

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February 2005

Articles from the February 2005 edition.

Protest at Ecumenical unity meeting

Priest pays compensation to accuser but keeps his post

Education Secretary defends membership of secret Roman Catholic society

“Mild smacking” – only legal chastisement

Sinn Fein masks slips further

Re-trial for IRA man in Omagh bomb case

“Exclusive Psalmody” – Is it commanded of God?

An examination of the Greek terms psalmos, humnos, and ode as they are used in the Septuagint Version of the Scriptures (LXX) to see if the practice of the LXX lends support to the concept of exclusive Psalmody

The Burning Bush 2005 subscription rates