February 2006

Articles from the February 2006 edition.

Blair’s government whitewashes IRA criminality

Mother loses abortion case

Education Secretary’s County Fermanagh and IRA roots!!

Robert McCartney beaten twice by IRA mob

The Kingsmills Massacre—30 years on

C.S. Lewis—a safe guide or a confused soul, which?

Police investigate 3000 deaths from the Troubles

Bishop Casey to return to Galway

Annual Kilskeery prize-giving

The impact of ‘ecumenical’ schools

The Saviour not ashamed of those ashamed of themselves

December 2005

Articles from the December 2005 edition.

Blair issues fugitive terrorists with a “get out of jail free” card!

IRA members accused of “cleaning up” a serious crime scene

Councils unwilling to defy same-sex “civil registrations”

Photos of IRA victims removed from ambulance depot

The Bible vindicated by science yet again

Archbishop Williams attacked in sodomite debate

DUP councilor calls hurricane Katrina a judgment from God

The gospel corner—”A thief condemned and executed yet pardoned and redeemed

The Christian, ecumenism and the Bible, Pt 1

November 2005

Articles from the November 2005 edition.

Priest Alec Reid voices official Roman Catholic view of Protestantism

No coalition with Sinn Fein—Bertie Ahern

Widow of an RUC reservist murdered in 1981 to be new “victims commissioner”

Five year ban on Nationalist councillors

Irish government inquiry uncovers over 100 allegations of sexual abuse by priests

Presbyterian minister takes Alec Reid to task

Irish Methodism’s departure from God’s word

Earthquakes—God’s messengers of judgment

October 2005

Articles from the October 2005 edition.

The bombs and guns have gone—or have they?

Television programme lays blame for the Northern Bank raid at IRA’s door

“Alpha” on course for Rome

Northern Ireland safer than England and Wales

Roman Catholic priest given four years from sex abuse

Irish Methodism’s departure from God’s word

It’s official! – Roman Catholics do not read the Bible regularly

Pope immune from abuse suits says USA government

Church of England Bishop defends transsexual curate

US Baptists break with denomination because of tolerance of sodomy

The protest against ecumenism