September 2006

Articles from the September 2006 edition.

Many Orangemen swallow ecumenical lie at Maguiresbridge

Police Ombudsman—is Nuala O’Loan fit for the job?

Schools as well as pupils may cheat!!!

Republican’s firebomb blitz

Two items of interest from The Burning Bush of March/April 1988

Loyalist leaders meet Archbishop Sean Brady

Changes at Kilskeery Independent Christian School

Roman Catholics denied bus service to protestant school in Eire

The errors that spring from ignorance of God’s word

May 2006

Articles from the May 2006 edition.

Unrepentant murderer may become Ulster’s Justice Minister!

PCI Moderator turns down RUC ecumenical service invite

Church of Ireland officiates at Easter Rising Mass!

Ecumenists show their “pro-Dublin” bias

IRA still has weapons

Some items of interest from The Burning Bush of February 1989

Riot in Lurgan after Republican bomb factory find

What has happened to Christian manhood?

Mass murder honoured

The empty tomb—The Lord Jesus Christ truly did rise again

April 2006

Articles from the April 2006 edition.

Blair’s slander of Ulster Protestantism

Archbishop of Canterbury denounces the teaching of “creationism”

Muslim clerics call for the death of a convert to Christianity

Raid on home of former IRA Chief of Staff yields 1 million Euros

Presbyterians off to the pub!!

Some items of interest from The Burning Bush of June 1970

Will he or won’t he???

450th anniversary of the burning of Archbishop Cranmer by the Roman Catholic Church

March 2006

Articles from the March 2006 edition.

Presbyterian leadership ‘pendulum’ swings back to ecumenism

The Burning Bush is 37 years old!

“Christian” film-makers use sodomite actor in missionary film

Johnny Adair advises Ulster

Islam—a growing menace

Growing support among Muslims for adoption of ‘Sharia Law’ within Great Britain

Muslim ‘cartoon’ protest slogans threaten violence

Muslim outrage—a little historical review

Sodomite bishop undergoes treatment for alcoholism

ID cards—is this the precursor of the mark of the Beast?