August 2011

A further £215,000+ of public money paid to sodomites

More responses to enquiries about public body funding for sodomite organisations

Here are some more extracts from responses to enquiries under the “Freedom of Information” legislation which were put to a number of public bodies in Northern Ireland. Read more…

Strabane District Council pays nearly £14,000 to sodomite organisations since 2007.

Another district Council, Strabane, has disclosed the amount that it has paid to sodomite organisations over the last few years. It totals out at nearly £14000. 

Just how much public money has been paid over to promote this wickedness and why are unionist councillors sanctioning these payments??? Read more…

Northern Ireland Housing Executive (which presently comes under Nelson McCausland’s remit as Social Development minister) pays out £9000 to sodomite organisations.

In response to enquries the NIHE has indicated that it too is involved in the dispensing of public funds to sodomites organisations. It also facilitates these organisations with printing and training resources. Read more…

Police in NI fund sodomites to the tune of £45,9292.70 over 5 years!!

Paying out such an amount of money (£17,000 of which went to Belfast Pride which organises the parades) it is little wonder that anti-sodomite protesters felt that the police were strongly biased against them. Furthermore, it makes very unlikely that the carrying of blasphemous placards by sodomites in their parades will be pursued by the police. Read more…

Belfast City Council’s support for sodomites.

Belfast City Council gives over £29,000 to sodomite support organisations which Stormont Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure then tops up!! Read more…

Judgement is coming!

Forty-five years ago, my attention was providentially directed to the book of Jeremiah in a very special way. I had been taught by Dr S. B. Cooke, lecturer in Homiletics in the old Free Presbyterian Theological Hall, that it was the book for today. Indeed it is, for Jeremiah laboured in the midst of apostasy which ended in the judgment of Judah by the Babylonian captivity. In July 1966, when Dr Paisley, Rev John Wylie and I, a student minister of 18 months standing, were beginning a three-month prison sentence in the old Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast, I began to studiously read the book of Jeremiah. Read more…

Integration with society by sodomite organisations which is leading to an acceptance of this perversion.

Further information arising from the probing questions of a Christian under the “Freedom of Information Act” shows how the pro-sodomite lobby has infiltrated local government bodies since the moral sell-out by the Stormont power-sharing Executive in 2007. Read more…

Lisburn City Council provides funds for sodomites

The following is the response to a “Freedom of Information Act” question supplied by Lisburn City Council. As can be seen £1340.50 was given by the Council for the promoting of the sodomite lifestyle. Read more…

July 2011

Over £336,000 £448,000 for sodomite support groups over last 5 years!

N.I. Department of Education funded ‘Youth Council’ has bankrolled sodomite support organisations to the tune of over £336,000 £448,000 in the last 5 years!!!

In answer to a  question submitted to the Department of Education under the “Freedom of Information Act”, it has been disclosed that over the last fiveyears the Department has funded the sodomite-support organisations to the tune of over £336,000 £448,000. Read more…


150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs:

Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years

The following article, taken from the Daily Mail of July 23rd 2011, deals with a matter which must surely horrify every person who fears the Lord. It takes man’s defiance of God to new levels of depravity. It causes one to think of God’s words regarding the generation which built the towel of Babel. 

“And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do,” Genesis 11:6.

Man’s “imagination” will ever take him into conflict with God with resultant judgment. Such experimentation as is reported on in the following article illustrates this. It also signals, I believe, that the days of man’s defying of God are nearing the time when He will respond in judgment, terrible judgment. 

Click here to read the report.

N.I. Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety funds sodomite organisation to the tune of over £230,000 in the last 5 years!!!

In answer to a  question submitted by a Christian to the DHSSPS under the “Freedom of Information Act”, it has been disclosed that over the last five years the Department has funded the organisation, “The Rainbow Project”, to the tune of over £230,000. Read more…

A stubborn refusal to confess sin

“And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds,” Revelation 16:10-11.

It is hard to conceive of such defiant hard-heartedness amongst men that causes them to refuse to confess their sin under the very judgments of God. The scene presented to us in the passage in Revelation 16, from which we have taken these two verses, is from the very closing days of this age. Antichrist and his kingdom are in their short-lived zenith. The dark clouds of God’s wrath are gathering over the tyrant and his dominion in the form of a series of terrible judgments poured out upon his kingdom, his allies and his followers. The seven vials of God’s wrath are recorded here in great detail. We will have no difficulty identifying them when that time of divine visitation dawns. They will herald the approach of the return of Christ as the following verses show. More…

June 2011

Looking back…recalling the battles of youth

An article written by a Burning Bush reader remembering struggles with worldliness and sin in earlier years. This testimony was prompted by the sermon, What is happening in Ulster?

Read more


DUP junior minister acknowledges First Minister’s office administered sodomite funding.

The official report of Stormont proceedings, Hansard, has this record dated 6th June 2011. You can view the official record here. The one line at the bottom of the record (highlighted) has once again made it clear that the DUP were involved in the administering of funds allocated to sodomite organisations. More…


What is happening in Ulster?

This is a transcript of a sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Ahoghill Orange Hall on Wednesday 25th May 2011.

…I am sure that question has been asked by most of us here and asked on many, many an occasion. “What do you think is happening?” And we have asked one another and perhaps after we have discussed it together we have gone away as puzzled as ever. There is only one source of information where we can hope to get a satisfactory answer to a question like “What is happening in Ulster?” and that is the Word of God. God is on the throne you know. No matter what changes we may have seen in our land over the last five years, and no matter how, as we would see it, earth-shattering those changes appear to have been, God is still upon the throne. He hasn’t lost control of things. And we can seek of Him an answer to our needs….

You can listen to the audio of the sermon here.

May 2011

A common but costly mistake

A look at the recent election results and its aftermath, by Rev Ivan Foster

The mistake I wish to highlight is that referred to by the Lord in verse 21 of Psalm 50. “Thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself.”

The Democratic Unionist Party is awash with self-congratulations and jubilation in the wake of the recent elections. An example of that jubilation may be seen in the reported victory speech by Mr. Paul Frew, MLA for North Antrim. Mr. Frew said: “I would like to dedicate this victory to the real power, that being God for he (sic) has the glory. Many of our opponents and the media highlighted the fact that we were praying for victory, that is very true.” “The DUP works hard but we pray harder and we have a strong Christian ethos in the party which is needed because when people lean on us we lean on the Lord.” Ballymena Times, 10th May 2011. More…


Reasons why the Great Tribulation and the revelation of the Antichrist must precede the rapture of the Church.

(An address given by the late Pastor James Kyle Paisley at an Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony Conference at Highgate Road Chapel, London, in April, 1947.)

Foreword by Rev Ivan Foster

The recent folly of Dr Harold Camping in predicting that the “secret rapture” of the Redeemed would take place on Saturday 21st May 2011 has highlighted the most important event for which the people of God are required to watch and wait.

The failure of Dr Camping’s prediction has given the unregenerate opportunity to laugh and mock. Doubtless, it has confirmed many in their unbelief.

However, let all recognise that poor Dr Camping, a very elderly man, acted very foolishly and in complete defiance of God‘s Word.

“But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is,” Mark 13:32, 33, KJV. The day of the return of Christ cannot be calculated or predicted by man. Dr Camping should have known this for he made a similar foolish prediction back in 1994…More

April 2011

Free Presbyterian ministers denounce attendance at Roman Catholic Mass

TWO senior Free Presbyterian ministers have accused Peter Robinson and Tom Elliott of “idolatry” for attending the funeral mass of Constable Ronan Kerr…more

Minister criticises Mass attendance

(The text of an article published by the Lurgan Mail)

The decision by unionist politicians to attend the funeral mass of murdered police officer Ronan Kerr has been criticized by a Lurgan Minister.

Lurgan Free Presbyterian Minister Rev David Crease said if First Minister Peter Robinson and UUP leader Tom Elliot were true Christians they would come to regret what they had done.

Rev. Creane was outspoken in his criticism of both party leaders when addressing his congregation from the pulpit at the Free Presbyterian Church on Banbridge Road on Sunday. When contacted by the “MAIL” regarding the comments he made Rev. Creane said: “The sight of Protestant Church leaders, politicians and Orangemen standing shoulder to shoulder with IRA/Sinn Fein at the requiem mass in Beragh last week was deeply saddening. Evangelical Protestants should not attend the Roman Catholic mass under any circumstances. It is much more important to be faithful to God and His truth that to court the popularity of fellow human beings. The issues are so serious that evangelicals should never be anywhere near the sacrifice of the mass. To do so is to dishonor God and the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. Surely it a case of obeying God rather than men. It is claimed by Rome that during the mass the bread and wine are changed by the power of the priest at the moment of consecration into the actual body, blood and soul and divinity of Christ. The doctrine of transubstantiation strikes at the very heart of the gospel.”

He added: “ If we love the Lord Jesus Christ and are trusting alone in His finished work on the cross and looking forward to His coming again, then we must reject the Mass and refuse to be present when it is celebrated. While it is right to reach out to those who grieve, the Bible tells us that true Christian charity ‘rejoice not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.’ Love for and loyalty to our blessed Saviour must take priority. If Peter Robinson and Tom Elliot were true Christians they will come to regret what they have done.”


The true nature of the Mass

No-one who knows the gospel of Christ as revealed in Scripture and also knows what the Roman Catholic Mass is, can countenance the blasphemous claims of the Church of Rome.

Only ignorance of one or the other could permit a professing Christian to attend such an abomination. The professing Christian, who faced with the truth about the Mass, persists in attending it, calls into serious question the reality of their profession of faith.

That professing Christians are again in this day showing alarming tendencies to attend the Mass and justify such attendance, only demonstrates the ignorance that is descending upon the Church of Christ and the unconscionable failure of preachers whose calling it is to expound the true nature of the gospel and warn faithfully against all error.


“The Hurt of hearing the Mass”

by John Bradford, English martyr (1510-1555).

Rev Brian McClung has compiled a timely synopsis of one of the last articles written by John Bradford as he awaited his burning at the stake in 1555 for standing up for the truths of the gospel and refusing to bow before Popish terror tactics.

The synopsis complements Rev McClung’s recent article on the attendance at the Mass by Mr Peter Robinson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. It also presents a challenge to those who were strangely unwilling to comment on Mr Robinson’s action even though in the past they were noted for their vociferous reactions to the attendance of Protestant leaders, both political and religious, at the Mass.

In addition, it shows the folly of the Orange Order’s decision not to act against those members who breached its rules on attendance at the Mass and the acquiescence of its members in such a decision and also those within its ranks who have called for a removal of such rules.

This synopsis should particularly be studied by those foolish Free Presbyterians who, contrary to God’s Word and the witness and testimony of their own denomination, seek to defend Peter Robinson’s attendance at the Mass.

Dear Christian, please read this warning that comes to us from the condemned cell of one of the greatest of the English Reformers and Martyrs.

Click here to read the article.


More important to honour the memory of Jesus Christ than honouring the memory of anyone else.

It is being reported that Peter Robinson is going to attend the funeral of murdered Roman Catholic police officer Ronan Kerr. This means that he is going to attend the Roman Catholic Mass. Back in the month of February this year Peter Robinson indicated that he would do this. Click here to read the full article…

This article was posted by Rev. Brian McClung on his blog site, Sound of an alarm.


DUP Education Spokesman, Mervyn Storey MLA – a modern “Mr Facing-Both-Ways”

On 1st April Mr Storey was interviewed on the “Nolan Show” on BBC’s Radio Ulster.

He was loyally advocating his party leader’s call for integrated education – that is all children should be educated in one non-religious state system. He is, after all, the DUP Education spokesman!

To listen to a part of Mr. Storey’s interview use the player below.

Mervyn Storey – Nolan show

Read the full article here.