July 2015

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Prayer Requested for New Nepal Constitution

Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Graham

Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Graham

At present the political parties in Nepal are debating a new constitution that includes anti-conversion laws and underscores decades-old religious tension. If ratified, the result could be a likely crackdown and severe persecution for dozens of Christian ministries serving there. It is feared that if this new constitution is adopted in its present draft form there could be great restriction on the freedom the Christians to share their faith with others.

The constitutional language in question states, ” any act which may be contrary to public health, public decency or morality or incitement to breach public peace or act to convert another person from one religion to another or any act or behaviour to undermine or jeopardize the religion of each other is not allowed and such act shall be punishable by law.”

The Nepalese government continues to seek input from its citizens before the Civic Relations and Constitution Recommendation Committee of the Constituent Assembly receives the final constitution draft on July 23. The government plans to finalize the constitution by mid-August. Violence erupted between police and protesters in southern Nepal when government officials held a public meeting to gain citizen input to the constitution, according to news reports from the region. The protesters threw chairs at the deputy prime minister.

This isolated country between India and China historically has been a Hindu nation, and most protesters are demanding a return to that status. Nepalese monarchs advocated Hinduism, and the people believed their monarchs were the reincarnation of Vishnu, a Hindu god.

Please pray that the government may adopt a constitution which allows Christians freedom to express and declare their faith

To learn more visit the FPCoU Mission Board website

“The Frightening Prospect Facing the Cause of God in Ulster! ”

Jeremiah 12:7-11.

A sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Newtownabbey FPC on Lord’s Day evening, 19th July, 2015.

Man is the same today as he was back in the times of the OT.

The Lord remains the same because, He is “infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth. ”

The sin of men today therefore brings the same response from the Lord as ever it did.
The analysis of man’s condition and the only cure given by the Lord was accurate a thousand years ago and more and remains effective still.

That being so, we can scan the future in the Bible’s records of the past. What happened to Israel following its backsliding and sin will likewise happen to the converted Gentiles today.

It is for this reason that we can look at these verses and see what lies ahead of Ulster’s Christians if there is not a taking heed of the lessons laid down for us. We may say with Paul: “for our sakes, no doubt, this is written, ” 1 Corinthians 9:10.

The consequences of backsliding and defiance of God is most terrible indeed! Hear what God says. “I have forsaken mine house, I have left mine heritage, ” Jeremiah 12:7-8.

The wonderful promise of Hebrews 13:5 must never be abused. That is not a promise without conditions. Disobedience of God is not ignored by Him.

The true believer will never be so wholly forsaken of God as to lose his soul but sin will cost us the presence and blessing of God just as it cost David such. Psalm 51:11-12.

That is the inevitable cost of sin in this life! Ulster’s Christians are facing a future void of these joys and blessings if there is not a heeding of the decline taking place amongst us.

The Greek crisis in the light of prophecy

greek-flag-burning-1 (1)The Book of Daniel was, like all Scripture, given for our instruction and edification. “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand,” Revelation 1:3. “For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.” Romans 15:4.

The Author of Daniel chapter 1 with its record of the stand taken by the young Hebrew captives against the attempts of the Babylonian king to have them conform to the ways of their captors, and of chapter 3, with its wonderful account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s refusal to bow before the golden idol and their being cast into the fiery furnace, only to be miraculously preserved by the Lord, and chapter 5 with its rather chilling description of God’s mysterious written warning to Belshazzar which appeared on the wall of his palace during a wicked banquet, and chapter 6 where we have Daniel’s encounter with the lions in their den, is also the Author of chapters 7-8, 10-12 with their end-time prophecies. Read more

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today.

By Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 6: Believers warned of the apostasy from the beginning

“And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him,” Jude 1:14-15.

Enoch would have preached while Adam was still alive. Therefore he was a man who preached to the earliest generations of men. It is clear that the end-time apostasy occupied the thoughts of the earliest believers. That in itself should cause Christians today to place a higher emphasis upon the study of what the Bible has to say about the end-times and the development of the lawlessness which the Bible consistently testifies will manifest itself just before the Saviour’s return. Read more

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Mohammedanism: What Is It?

by E J Poole-Connor

islamAlthough this was written about 50 years ago, the information supplied by Mr Poole-Connor is useful in view of the present situation in the world.

(Taken from the introduction to the article in the Watching & Waiting magazine of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, 2002)

In a day when the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, is so foolish and ignorant of history (willingly or otherwise) as to say that “Islam is a religion of peace” (Daily Telegraph, 26th June 2015) the following article, though some 60 years old, will prove enlightening and helpful to believers today.

Islam has not changed. The cruelty of the ISIS organisation is not new. That will be made clear in this well documented article. Read more….

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

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Latest news stories

Stormont welfare reform: Patient may already be dead by time antidote is found

Tensions high as Army joins PSNI in Londonderry home raids

Sinn Fein concern over Londonderry Army searches ‘illogical’

Unionists hit out over proposal for a neutral flag at Stormont

Jean McConville murder: Republican Ivor Bell will find out in October if he is to stand trial

I won’t be gagged says Mairia Cahill as lawyers fire off a warning to festival over her lecture

Irish Appeal court clears last legal obstacle to same-sex marriage

Greece crisis escalates as IMF witholds support for a new bail-out deal

Barter booms in cash-strapped rural Greece for the first time since Nazi occupation

RC Priest performs exorcism from a helicopter to banish evil from Italian town where several churches have been robbed and defiled. (Should have taken a flight over the Vatican!!!!)

House of Lords: 20 peers claim £1.6m during past five years – and never speak in debates

Ultra-Orthodox man stabs six people at gay pride march in Jerusalem

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More news

July 30

Gerry Adams accuses David Cameron of ‘arrogance’ over comments about ‘seeing off the IRA’

Adams says ‘IRA undefeated’ comment to mark ceasefire

Danny Morrison: A united Ireland by 2016 is impossible

Flags in Ballymena an ‘attempt to raise tension’ – TUV councillor

Stormont tricolour probe still incomplete after two months – (More evidence of Unionist powerlessness!

Unionists demand probe into Catholic school’s extra pupils

DUP condemns plans for loyalist parade glorifying UDA killers

Belfast residents evacuated from homes as bomb squad deal with suspected pipe bomb

Printer was ‘working with IRA’ while running counterfeit banknote operation, court told

Loyalist bandsman in ‘induced coma’ after assault

Sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents in UK, figures suggest

MH370 search: debris found ‘is from Boeing 777’

July 29

DUP slams Martin McGuinness for Washington trip during Stormont crisis

Political structures hanging by thread

Do the public even care if Stormont collapses? – (Established by lies and maintained by deceit it only managed to put terrorists in power!!)

Loyalists allowed to hold parade glorifying notorious UDA killers

Gerry Adams says the ‘IRA was never defeated’ – (That is about as true as him saying he was never a member of it!!)

NI gay marriage ‘a matter of time’ – Adams – (Terrorism and perversion are companions!!)
BBC documentary on Bob & Alma McAllister and family and their experiences in the Congo rebellion of 1964.

Calais migrants crisis deepens as man killed when 1,500 try to storm Channel Tunnel

Calais crisis: Man crushed to death by lorry after migrants attempt to enter Channel Tunnel

July 28

Northern Ireland denied extra welfare aid ahead of US Stormont talks

Let referendum decide who is a Troubles victim: Campaigner

Republicans to hold protest during policing debate

Radio controlled bomb ‘hidden in advertising’

Ardoyne bomb was planted in advertising board, court hears

Lord Sewel resigns from House of Lords after drug claims

US Boy Scouts chiefs end ban on gay adults

July 27

Villiers considering probe into Provos’ 1987 murders of top judge and wife

Victims’ group queries claim ex-RUC banned from Troubles’ probe

Satanic group unveils controversial Baphomet sculpture to cheers of ‘Hail Satan’

In a world where Martin McGuinness can meet the Queen… surely McClean can acknowledge her anthem

The Greek debt crisis threatens 70 years of peace – (What some men fear the future holds!)

Ex-TA soldier accused of bomb hoax at Gerry Adams’ home

Equality Commission challenged over IRA Newry park name row

Lord Sewell resigns and faces police inquiry after ‘snorting cocaine with prostitutes’ – (What a moral cess-pit Westminster has become!!!)

Lord Sewel quits as Lords deputy speaker after drug claims

Lord Sewel to face police probe over newspaper drug claims

Terror victims demand Tony Blair testify to MPs over Gaddafi deal

UK child abuse inquiry must look at Kincora

Widow of Helmand soldier ’embarrassed’ by official heel-dragging over aid for NI military veterans

Banner denouncing homosexuality at A1 near Dromore

Sectarian row fan taken off jet avoids a prison term

Tens of thousands of under-age girls given long-acting NHS contraceptives without the need for parental consent

July 25

Aylesbury child sex abuse case: Six (Asian) men found guilty of child abuse on a ‘massive scale’ at Old Bailey

Aylesbury child abuse trial: Barnardo’s raised fears in 2008

Aylesbury child sex gang: Barnardos claim local authorities knew about victims years before perpetrators arrests

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow defends £31,400 travel and accommodation expenses

East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton: Kincora’s exclusion from UK child abuse inquiry is unforgivable

‘Up to four politicians from two parties’ linked to Nama scandal

(Roman) Catholic Primate meets pro-gay faith groups

RC Church backs down on its threat to ‘boycott’ civil part of weddings

Judge overrules Home Secretary Theresa May and allows convicted terror prisoner to be freed

Welcome home, ‘son’: Barack Obama lands in Kenya

Barack Obama accused of interfering in British politics after recommending UK remain in EU

Indian PM backs call for Britain to pay colonial damages

July 24

Stormont minister ignored officials for six months to delay FoI request

New Victims’ Commissioner, Same Old Problem With the Definition – TUV statement

Paramilitary funerals show fragility of peace

Councillor rejects SF’s ‘cynical’ offer to return to party

Man denies charges of harassing Maíria Cahill

Restrictions placed on Dungiven republican parade

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Theresa Villiers rejects Kincora abuse inquiry request

I met Britain’s spymaster at Kincora, says abuse survivor

Labour push for Kincora abuse to be investigated in paedophile inquiry

Ex-NIO health Minister the subject of child abuse files

DUP Orangeman helps ill nationalist mother in her battle to win back DLA

July 23

McGuinness for U.S. crisis talks

Revealed: Woman who’ll take up Victims’ Commissioner role… as £75,000-a-year post finally filled

Kincora boys’ home allegations in new cabinet papers

Child sex abuse inquiry: Leon Brittan among senior figures named in files found after child sex abuse review

Westminster child abuse allegations: MP with ‘penchant for small boys’ gave his word he was not a paedophile, newly discovered documents show

Spy chiefs warned Thatcher government about ’embarrassing’ sex abuse claims

Spy chiefs warned Thatcher government about claims MP had ‘penchant for small boys’

Government files prompt fresh Kincora inquiry calls

MI5 ‘helped Margaret Thatcher cover-up paedophile Tory MP’s activities’ new documents reveal

Key Westminster figures named in newly released child abuse files

San Francisco could be hit by massive earthquake ‘any day’, says USGS scientist

July 22

Greece: Unwanted Children Abandoned In Crisis – (Such cruelty can never be justified)

Sinn Fein leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness hold talks with David Cameron

SF accused of ‘threatening’ rhetoric after meeting PM

Stormont at the point of ‘imminent collapse’ – (Says McGuinness and boy is he happy!!)

Pressure mounts amid Stormont finance gloom

NI budget black hole ‘to be hundreds of millions more’

Welfare reform is popular, and is needed in N.Ireland

TUV slams ‘secrecy’ over public sector staff exit scheme

Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn is on track to lead (British) Labour party

Tony Blair attacks Jeremy Corbyn as poll puts him on course to become Labour leader

Tony Blair: Labour could spend 20 years out of power if Jeremy Corbyn wins

Police search INLA funeral scene for bullet casings as family defends terrorist show of strength

Police admit O’Hara funeral mistakes, claims DUP

INLA show of strength: Populist soundbites and 1980s rhetoric from councillor who stood by as shots were fired

Comment: (RC) Church’s silence on military display at funeral is alarming

End the appeasement of loyalist gang bosses

Councillor ‘far from impressed’ by SF decision to temporarily lift expulsion

Legal threat not linked to freeze in councillor’s expulsion, say Sinn Féin

July 21

Welfare reforms ‘will bring down the Stormont Assembly’ – (It is its own corrupt and deceitful foundations which will bring it down!!)

Welfare costs risk making Northern Ireland as bankrupt as Greece

Put the Assembly clowns on notice … do a proper deal or be shut down

Castlederg band protests at police line

Outrage as INLA takes over streets in show of strength

DUP councillor compares funeral to ISIS parade

Pressure mounts on police over INLA funeral

McGuinness told he was “not welcome” at funeral

DUP meeting with PSNI ‘disappointing’

Sectarian graffiti in Newtownabbey condemned

Labour hopeful Jeremy Corbyn’s links to Sinn Fein, Hamas and Hezbollah

Family of girl freed by police from under car on Twelfth lodge a complaint… against police – (Republican’s inveterate hatred of all things British!!)

US secretary of state, John Kerry says Iran vow to defy US ‘very disturbing’

Immigrants more likely to claim benefits, be jobless or on low wages, says report

July 20

Peggy O’Hara: Police seize items in investigation over paramilitary displays

Outrage as INLA takes over streets in show of strength

Masked republicans at Londonderry funeral of hunger striker’s mother

Peggy O’Hara: Edel Kelly defends paramilitary funeral – (Of course they did!!)

Police lured to dissident republican double-bomb trap in Armagh

Lurgan bomb attack was ‘designed to kill’ police, says PSNI

Gerry Adams condemns Armagh explosive device ‘designed to kill police’ – (How did it differ from the bombs his bunch of murderers planted???)

Remembering the victims of Bloody Friday

McClean labelled ‘scum’ for not taking part in God Save the Queen – (Republican bitterness runs deep!!!)

James McClean turns his back for national anthem igniting calls for him to quit English football

James McClean warned by West Brom boss Tony Pulis after refusing to acknowledge British national anthem

July 18

Syriza U-turn (in Greece) a harsh lesson for Sinn Fein

Greece debt crisis: Reforms ‘going to fail’ – former Greek finance minister Varoufakis

Man (24) is charged with brutal sectarian murder of tragic Paul McCauley

Tim Farron, new Liberal Democrat leader and professing evangelical, avoids saying whether he sees gay sex as a sin

IRA Victims call on Labour hopeful to state IRA view

Loyalists need to restore reputational damage – Kyle

Loyalist rioters are yet another generation failed by unionist leaders

PSNI review “loyalist” and “republican” crime comments

July 17

Northern Ireland facing direct rule for five years, warns Ian Paisley

‘Graduated response’ was a sham, says DUP man – (How could the word of ‘unionists’ who share power with IRA/Sinn Fein be trusted???)

Twelfth 2015: Third night of rioting in north Belfast – loyalists ‘trash’ retirement home, ‘wreck’ own community

Pensioners tell of terror as loyalist teens go on rampage in Belfast

Twelfth 2015: Belfast violence leaves the Orange Order badly wounded

Belfast Orangeman: Order highly irresponsible at Ardoyne

Allister makes further observations on NAMAgate

Isis claims responsibility for a rocket attack against an Egyptian navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea

Sinn Fein needs to explain position on austerity

Female officer suspended in collusion probe

July 16

Anguish Haunts Northern Ireland’s Retired Terrorists – (It has only begun and without true repentance will continue eternally!!!)

NAMA scandal: Wallace source ‘100pc certain’ money for NI politician

Wallace can’t keep making sensational claims then refuse to elaborate further

Jim Wells gay row: ‘I never lost faith, even in dark place’

Jim Wells: I was hung out to dry over something I didn’t say. Now I want to restore my reputation

Police quiz people who made Jim Wells anti-gay remarks tape

Man shot in chest ‘through kitchen window’

Fury as shots fired over coffin of hunger striker Patsy O’Hara’s mother Peggy

Angela Merkel comes out against gay marriage

Greece debt crisis: Tsipras facing eurozone deal revolt

Golden Dawn MP furiously tears up papers in Parliament over bailout deal

Greece Passes Austerity Laws In Critical Vote

‘Auschwitz book-keeper’ Oskar Groening sentenced to four years

Riot car murder bid charges: Man is granted bail

Twelfth 2015: Orangeman regrets ‘attempted murder’ car incident that broke 16-year-old girl’s pelvis, is granted bail

July 15

Iran nuclear deal: Peace in our time? Not with this shoddy agreement

Sixty Britons killed after joining Isil fighters in Syria and Iraq

Omagh: Masked men rob priests at gunpoint – (By Roman Catholics!!)

Priest assaulted during Belfast cathedral robbery – (By Roman Catholics!!)

New loyalist terror group threatens police and Parades Commission – (At least there is only 3 of them!!!)

North Belfast: Policeman’s ear virtually severed in violence

Twelfth 2015: The moment a policeman’s ear is severed by masonry during Belfast riot

Officer struck by bottle lost a tooth, says Police Federation

Twelfth 2015: DUP leaders condemn north Belfast rioters

Londonderry: Nationalists as young as 10 petrol bomb PSNI

Twelfth violence: Petrol bombs thrown at police in Derry as Orangemen are attacked by youths

Ardoyne crash: Man questioned about attempted murder

Twelfth 2015: Man arrested over attempted murder after girl hit by car at Ardoyne riot
Ardoyne crash driver is prominent Orangeman

Fermanagh Orange chief’s dismay at Belfast thuggery

July 14

Iran nuclear agreement ‘reached’ – diplomats in Vienna


A telling cartoon from “The Times of Israel”!!

Iran ‘Seals’ Nuclear Deal With World Powers
Greece debt crisis: Tsipras faces eurozone deal battle

Celebrations on the Battle of the Boyne’s 325th anniversary

Ardoyne: Teen girl trapped under car and 11 officers hurt as violence erupts at Belfast flashpoint

First Minister condemns Twelfth attacks on police

Twelfth celebrations: Buses attacked with stones in Greysteel – (by republicans!)

DUP slams claims that Robinson is to resign by Christmas

The fate of Peter Robinson – and of the Assembly – is in Sinn Fein’s hands

Light hearts and prodigious drinking mark the Twelfth – (A sad observation from an Irish newspaper but all too true in many instances!!)

Loyalist band defends breaching ban on music at Catholic church in Belfast

Former SF councillor to sue over expulsion

Adrian Cochrane-Watson: ‘I respect the gay community… they have stayed at my B&B’ – (How to ingratiate yourself with the Ulster Unionist party!!!!

Stormont will compel witnesses to Nama hearings

OFMDFM claimed key document sent to NAMA didn’t exist

July 13

‘I am a follower of Christ’: US County clerk resigns rather than issue gay marriage licenses

Treasury warning letter to Stormont power-sharing administration

London taking powers from North of Ireland totally unacceptable, McGuinness says

Sinn Fein aligns itself with economic illiteracy and chaos

Greece debt crisis: EU summit cancelled as talks continue

Rift between France and Germany as Hollande attacks German ‘Grexit light’ plan

Greece debt crisis: Eurozone summit ‘reaches agreement’

Retreat by PM Cameron ‘shows the strength of DUP hand’

By day, at heart of counter-terror policing. And by night, preacher of Islamic extremism – (Britain’s folly!!)

Effigies of Bobby Sands, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness ‘placed on Ballycraigy bonfire’

Attack on Union Flag pole in Augher ‘won’t break neighbourly spirit’

Ardoyne residents to defy Parades Commission restrictions

Stormont probe into NI21 leader Basil McCrea sex claims set to collapse

Northern Ireland authorities refuse to reveal details of paedophile with links to former government adviser on national security grounds

Archbishop of Canterbury ‘promises sex abuse inquiry’

Church of England could return to defrocking rogue priests after child abuse scandals

Jean McConville’s daughter still hopeful of seeing Gerry Adams in court

Priests robbed at gunpoint at home

Analysis: Robinson uncannily echoes the wounded Paisley

Drop case against ‘Satanic Islam’ sermon pastor James McConnell, urges National Secular Society

July 11

Nama deal: Peter Robinson says no-one in family or party hoped to benefit from sale

Nama deal: Peter Robinson says he is not aware of any evidence that any politician was trying to profit from sale of Northern Ireland property

Former Stormont Finance Minister, Simon Hamilton, Needs to Explain Cerberus Meeting

NAMA: £5m fee was for one man who wasn’t a lawyer

Belfast murders: Second man dies after ‘sword’ attack

Greece debt crisis: MPs back bailout reform plan

Treasury warning letter to Stormont

Vatican ‘abuse’ accused in hospital

Vatican Official Taken Ill Before Abuse Trial

Republican bid to deny Orange culture is a denial of history

Battle of Britain 75th anniversary: The staggering numbers behind the four-month war over UK’s skies

July 10

Muslim who praised IS drove case against ‘Satanic Islam’ sermon Belfast pastor McConnell – (That’s justice for you!!!)

Pastor McConnell’s prosecution defies logic

National Crime Agency to investigate bribery claims over biggest Northern Ireland property deal

Frank Cushnahan ‘to have been paid £5m from Cerberus-NAMA deal’

Sinn Féin welcomes re-routing of Castlederg parade

Belfast residents fear whole street could go up when massive bonfire is ignited

Belfast police name suspect in sword murder of senior loyalist Colin Lindsay

Colin Lindsay killing: Man, 46, charged with murder of loyalist

‘Mindless cowards’ who stole Union flags in Cookstown ‘not backwards in accepting British currency’

Adams will not face prosecution in McConville case

Sammy Wilson’s derision after SF MEP hails crisis-torn Greece

Greece debt crisis live: Syriza U-turns, but will Greek opposition parties sign off on austerity for bailout deal?

Time Sinn Fein put up or shut up

Woman ‘shaken’ by GAA stadium pressure

July 9

Jim Wells interviewed by police over election hustings comments

Jim Wells attends police interview over gay abuse comments at election event

New Amnesty International poll shows majority of Irish (Republic) people in favour of legalising abortion

Greece news live: 96 hours to do a deal as leading economists now predict Grexit

Eurozone ministers to consider Greek request for financial support

SF praise for Greece ‘sends shiver down spine’

Trustee fears ‘obscene festival’ in Narrow Water Castle in Co Down

McGuinness kept in dark over Robinson’s Quayle meeting

NAMA scandal: PSNI probe, but SF says judicial inquiry may be needed

Tughans: Ian Coulter hired Gareth Robinson

Peter Robinson could face grilling in Dail over sale of Nama’s £1.3bn loans book

Henry Joy McCracken: Rebel hero, and a man not afraid to murder – (Such was in keeping with his unitarian views!!!)

DUP man calls for Union Flag removal

Nazi flags at bonfire ‘shameful’ – Robinson

Ex-head of counter-terror: UK should lay on charter flights to Syria for jihadis

Exclusive: Oregon bakery’s fight for religious freedom

July 8

Greece debt crisis: Greek future in the euro slips into deeper uncertainty as Alexis Tsipras arrives at emergency talks without a written plan

NAMA scandal: Allister’s 21 key questions

No signs of life at Gareth Robinson’s publicity-shy PR firm

Peter Robinson could face grilling in Dail over sale of Nama’s £1.3bn loans book

NAMA scandal: Still no PSNI investigation

Secret Cerberus meetings between Peter Robinson and ex-US Vice President

NAMA scandal: DUP deny major Robinson U-turn months before Cerberus deal

Dissident violence is appeased through renewal of parade ban

SF minister under fire on Irish language jobs

Orange hall attacks like something done by Nazis or KKK: GAA hero

‘Sinister’ sectarian image condemned, but authenticity questioned – (Could be an attempt to distract from burning of Orange Halls by republicans!!)

Row erupts as TUV man says GAA shouldn’t get council funding because organisation “intertwined with terrorism”

Sunday was ‘the most miserable day of the week’ before shopping, Tory minister says – (What a wicked view of the benefits of the Lord’s Day, Mark 2:27)

July 7

Peter Robinson’s linked to law firm at centre of financial scandal

Too many questions surround sale of €5.7 billion worth of property loans in Northern Ireland

NAMA scandal: Still no PSNI investigation

Public overwhelmingly rejects Troubles amnesty: poll

Westminster budget to propose longer Sunday trading hours

Threat of violence ‘rewarded’ as Ardoyne Twelfth parade blocked

Farmer savagely beaten after refusing to bow to dissidents’ extortion

‘My son was forced into Tunisia rampage’

Germany refuses to let Greece off hook

Greece debt crisis: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande issue Athens with 24-hour ultimatum to avoid crashing out of the euro

Cleric said to be behind Tunisian beach massacre is living on benefits in Britain – (An example of the ‘madness’ that grips our government!!)

Iran nuclear talks: Tehran tells UN – lift ballistic missile embargo or there will be no deal

Pervert doctors are still allowed to practise despite convictions for sex attacks and child porn

July 6

Almost 70pc support for gay marriage in NI – (This is the fruit of liberal doctrine in the pulpits of ecumenical churches!!)

Orangemen to hold Stormont protest

The IRA, not state, practised shoot-to-kill, says Maginnis

Dublin TD knows name of Northern Irish politician at centre of £7 million scandal

Nama property sale: Mick Wallace ‘not certain’ of politician’s identity

Allister says ‘immediate questions need answered on ‘NAMAgate’

Medics to face abortion death trial

Four Orange halls targeted in one week

Police let pair fly Isil flag outside Parliament

A Greek ‘icon’

Greek turmoil set to shake global markets out of complacency as sell-off looms

EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms

Greece referendum reaction: EU mulls next steps as vote threatens biggest crisis in its history

Greece debt crisis: What does a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote in the referendum really mean?

Sinn Fein is panicking as its brothers wreak havoc in Greece

Mid Ulster TUV man dismisses McCrea claim over unity candidate

Dissident republican terrorist godfather, McKevitt does not deserve early release from prison

Dissident republicans running brutal border extortion racket

July 4

Pope in plea for Christian unity

Families of three IRA men take legal action against Lord Maginnis

Former top Orange Order official writes for Sinn Fein paper An Phoblacht: Warns republicans to stop ‘poking unionists in the eye’

Sectarian graffiti discovered AGAIN on memorial dedicated to Scottish soldiers murdered by the IRA

Enough words, we need action against Orange hall arsonists

McGuinness: An honour to be likened to Greek politicians – (That says it all!!!)

Man charged over ‘Willie Frazer assault’

Man charged with attacking high-profile loyalist victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer

July 3

Peter Robinson warns Sinn Fein to face up to tough decisions or leave the Executive

Peter Robinson accuses Sinn Féin of ‘pathetic posturing’

Stormont parties are given warning of Greek-style crunch

Greece debt crisis: What happened to democracy when it’s a case of ‘Vote Yes or else’?

IRA victim’s daughter calls for Villiers meeting

Continuity IRA chief’s wife tells inquest: I don’t know why anyone would want to harm him – (Just shows how ‘terror’ is normal for some!!)

Omagh victims slam TDs over McKevitt release calls

Paisley’s MP credit card suspended after £6.5k debt

£7m in offshore bank account for NI politician, Dail told

TUV calls for full Investigation into Cerberus Saga

TUV leader raises concerns over Wallace allegations

Right to die: Belgian doctors rule depressed 24-year-old woman has right to end her life

July 2

DUP slams Adams on Stormont claim

Northern Ireland politicians as bad as the Greeks, says Theresa Villiers

SF lay WW1 wreath at flagless cenotaph

Sinn Fein may join Somme events

So important whole island remembers its Somme heroes – Irish Foreign Minister

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald categorically denies former Sinn Fein councillor’s bullying claims

McDonald denies SF row in her back yard

Defamation case against RTÉ by former archbishop settled at High Court

David Cameron: English MPs will never be ‘overruled’ by those in Scotland again

Consider Syria IS strikes, UK defence secretary urges MPs

Family of 12 feared to have travelled to Syria – (All are doubtless to be deemed ‘vulnerable’!!!!)

July 1

Children who say homosexuality is ‘wrong’ could be viewed as extremist threat – Education Secretary – (Only one view is permissible!!!)

Smacking must be banned to bring UK into line with international law – report to UN insists – (Demolishing of all Biblical morality in UK is underway)

Sammy Wilson: DUP block censure motion over ‘thug’ jibe

DUP blocks vote on ‘thug’ comment – (That’s democracy for you!!!)

DUP Take “Most Wimpish of Actions” Following Thug Complaint

Kingsmill massacre: Survivor in legal action threat over inquest

Bernadette Smyth: Anti-abortion protester ‘will not be restrained’ court rules

Analysis: Bizarrely, Sinn Fein welcomes court judgement against its department

BBC ignoring the pollution caused by IRA fuel crime – Letter

Turkey poised to send troops into Syria for first time

Isil beheads two women and crucifies men

Wave of deadly attacks hit Egyptian North Sinai security posts

Wave Of Attacks Kill 30 Soldiers In Egypt

Greece Defaults As It Fails To Pay IMF €1.5bn

Five abuse victims to take legal action against (Irish) State

June 30

TUV launches bid to cut number of Special Advisers at Stormont

TUV tackles SPAD excesses

Peter Robinson: Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt needs a course on finance for dummies

DUP to block censure motion against Sammy Wilson

Attack on Willie Frazer: man freed by police

Willie Frazer attack accused vows to defend his name

Remembering two brutal murders in central Belfast

Video: Petrol bomb causes smoke damage to Protestant mission hall near Tobermore

Searching for the mysterious ‘mad monk’ who fought for — and was killed by — the IRA

PPS: ‘I am right to prosecute McConnell’

IRA victim’s son disgusted at Sinn Féin Lord Mayor for 1916 centenary

Bernadette Smyth harassment conviction thrown out

Anti-abortion campaigner Bernie Smyth wins harassment appeal against Marie Stopes clinic director

Anti-abortion protester Smyth to open women’s clinic in wake of appeal victory

Texas Calls Same-Sex Marriage A ‘Lawless Ruling’ – (Lawlessness a feature of days before Christ’s return, 2 Thess 2:7 ‘iniquity’ = ‘lawlessness’)

So-called Islamic State beheads two women in Syria

Ex-DUP aide David McConaghie denies ‘toilet cam’ voyeurism charge

Secret camera in DUP toilet contained 216,373 pictures and videos

Tunisia attack: ‘Paralysed’ police let gunman run amok for half an hour, says witness

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June 2015

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ancient olive tree in GethsemaneDid He show ‘unwillingness’ to go to the cross?

It is not uncommon for preachers to explain the words of the Saviour in the Garden of Gethsemane, quoted above, as the Saviour succumbing to a fear of the sufferings He would face on the cross and praying that He might be spared that suffering, though declaring His willingness to submit to it if it was His Father’s will.

Such a view has always been an offence to me, as I believe that it impugns my Saviour’s integrity, His love for His elect and His omniscience. Read more

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Are Futurists pessimistic about revival in the last days??

sunsetIt is often felt, I know, that those of us who hold to what is called a ‘Futurist’ position on prophecy, that is, we believe that the Lord Jesus will return to this earth after the three and half years of the ‘Great Tribulation’ and the destruction of the Antichrist and the conversion of Israel, and then instigate His 1000-year reign on earth, are full of pessimism and unbelief regarding God’s ability to send revival to the overthrowing of the wicked trends so manifest today before our eyes.

Believing as we do that the prophecies of the Bible are to be understood literally, except where obviously they are figurative, we believe that the character of the last days will be exactly as the Lord Jesus has revealed both in His own words and those of the inspired prophets. Read more

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‘THE CHRISTIAN AND MAKE-UP’ – What saith the Scriptures?

top-12-of-2012-make-up“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness)with good works,” 1 Timothy 2:9-10.

“Likewise, ye wives, . . . Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price,” 1 Peter 3:1-4.

We must be careful of ‘change’! So say the Scriptures. “My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change,” Proverbs 24:21.
Man is given to change. He soon is wearied of routine, especially that instigated by the Lord. As Israel grew weary of manna, the provision of heaven, so man wearies even of the most blessed provisions and ordinances of God. Read more

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today.

By Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 5 : Five telling metaphors of the apostate

“These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you,
feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever,”
Jude 1:12-13.

With what bold clarity and explicitness, Jude paints the picture of the apostates and their activities amongst the early church! These warnings are relevant still for these same creatures are at work today!
Of course, let it be noted, a warning is of little use when it is clouded by ambiguity and lacking in transparency. This is especially so when the matter about which the warning is made is of such a serious and solemn nature as the infiltration of the church by deceivers and agents of the devil.

Let preachers take note: Don’t be as “dumb dogs”, which “cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber,” Isaiah 56:10. Be as Paul’s trumpeter in 1 Corinthians 14:8, giving forth a clear, shrill sound that all will instantly recognise as an alarm “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”
Oh how clear was the witness of the Free Presbyterian Church in former times under the energetic and Holy Ghost enabled early ministry of Ian Paisley and fellow ministers!
May it be generally so again. Read more

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A Cowardly Windbag Blows His Flute

gallery-sirjamespaulcoxThe Belfast Telegraph, of 6th June, 2015, reports: “World-renowned flautist Sir James Galway has launched a remarkable broadside on the late former First Minister Ian Paisley asking if he was “indirectly responsible for killing” by planting “thoughts of violence” in people’s minds during the Troubles.”

James Galway’s sole claim to fame is his ability to making pleasing sounds emitted from various forms of ‘tin whistles’, a skill which was nurtured while he was a member of a loyalist band in east Belfast.

He was knighted for his tin whistling in 2001 but has now seen fit to repudiate publicly his British inheritance and proclaim himself a “united Irishman”, standing in rank with those who have traditionally railed upon the United Kingdom for one reason only – its Bible Protestantism!

Read more

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Free Presbyterian Sermon gets fair coverage from Nationalist newspaper!

Fermanagh_Herald_June2015Fermanagh Nationalist Newspaper, The Fermanagh Herald, in this week’s edition, printed two articles by a reporter who visited Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on Lord’s Day, 31st May.

I do not think that we have ever received a more impartial coverage in any newspaper, be it ‘Unionist’ or otherwise!

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of the printed article which you can zoom in to read.

Two messages by Rev. Foster

Both messages were preached in Kilskeery FPC on Sunday May 31st, 2015 in response to the referendum vote in the Republic of Ireland to legalize same-sex marriage.

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A short response to some comments on my article on the Asher’s Bakery court case

My article on the Asher’s Bakery court case – “The reason why?? – “There is sin in the camp!!” – was given some coverage in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ of Saturday 23rd May.
Of course, the secular man’s summary of such an article will always fail to give a faithful account of the reasoning within it that is based upon the Word of God.
That certainly was the case with this report of my article in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’.

As a consequence, it left the impression with some that I had condemned the McArthur family outright. I can but urge readers to consider my article in full as it appears on this site. Those Christians who were critical of me on the basis of an inaccurate representation of my article in a secular newspaper were not acting wisely or scripturally. Read more

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

Part 66

Part 67

Part 68

Part 69

Part 70

Part 71

Part 72 (final part)


This series is now complete and we are pleased to offer a FREE CD with all 72 parts in MP3 format. Please contact Rev. Foster to order your free CD. You can use the contact form below.

Contact form


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Latest news stories

TUV launches bid to cut number of Special Advisers at Stormont

TUV tackles SPAD excesses

Peter Robinson: Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt needs a course on finance for dummies

DUP to block censure motion against Sammy Wilson

Attack on Willie Frazer: man freed by police

Willie Frazer attack accused vows to defend his name

Remembering two brutal murders in central Belfast

Video: Petrol bomb causes smoke damage to Protestant mission hall near Tobermore

Searching for the mysterious ‘mad monk’ who fought for — and was killed by — the IRA

PPS: ‘I am right to prosecute McConnell’

IRA victim’s son disgusted at Sinn Féin Lord Mayor for 1916 centenary

Bernadette Smyth harassment conviction thrown out

Anti-abortion campaigner Bernie Smyth wins harassment appeal against Marie Stopes clinic director

Anti-abortion protester Smyth to open women’s clinic in wake of appeal victory

Texas Calls Same-Sex Marriage A ‘Lawless Ruling’ – (Lawlessness a feature of days before Christ’s return, 2 Thess 2:7 ‘iniquity’ = ‘lawlessness’)

So-called Islamic State beheads two women in Syria

Ex-DUP aide David McConaghie denies ‘toilet cam’ voyeurism charge

Secret camera in DUP toilet contained 216,373 pictures and videos

Tunisia attack: ‘Paralysed’ police let gunman run amok for half an hour, says witness

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More news

June 29

Greece debt crisis: World markets in turmoil after bank closures and capital controls

Sammy Wilson’s jibe defamatory, says Stormont commissioner Bain

Mystery of Stormont’s missing millions of pounds

Man arrested over Willie Frazer ‘attack’ in Markethill

Willie Frazer claims he was ‘attacked on doorstep by IRA supporter’

Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders faces mounting pressure to resign

Police face flood of compensation claims over child abuse failures

Chimpanzees may have a similar sense of right and wrong to humans new study finds – (Some in Stormont have less sense of morality than chimps!!!)

Glasgow Isis bride Aqsa Mahmood writes poem praising Tunisia, France and Kuwait attacks as ‘Black Friday’

‘Jock’ Davison murder linked to Dublin ‘drugs’ gang

Bad news for SF as the dead still won’t Disappear – (How can a party with links to such brutal murders have any credibility????)

Sinn Fein’s prized seat under threat in bitter row

Support for Sinn Féin and Labour has taken a hit in latest Red C poll

Sinn Fein in crisis as voters flee to Fine Gael and Fianna Fail

Greece debt crisis: European Central Bank says it is not increasing emergency credit amid default fears

June 27

Fr Brendan Smyth case: Calls for Irish government action over police failings

Britons ‘majority’ of Tunisia dead

Irish nurse dies in beach massacre

Irish woman killed in terror attack in Tunisia

Isil suicide bomb attack on Shia mosque in Kuwait kills 27 people

Terrorist tied boss’s head to fence before failed ram raid on chemical factory

Greece announces bailout referendum – urged voters to reject it!!

Vatican in treaty with ‘Palestine’ – (‘Birds of a feather’ etc!!)

A former Roman Catholic Archbishop has told the High Court he had an “inappropriate” sexual relationship with a woman in Nigeria

First English Bible could fetch £35,000 at auction – (What a price good men paid to give us the Truth of God which is the true value of this book not its age!)

Bodies of Séamus Wright and Kevin McKee, IRA murder victims, believed found

Dolours Price, first female member of the Provisional IRA, on driving the disappeared to the south

Pastor McConnell’s prosecution a ‘witch-hunt’ says Mick Hume

June 26

US Supreme Court rules gay marriage is legal nationwide

France attack: Man decapitated at factory near Lyon

Irish woman killed in Tunisia beach attack

Further Irish victims of Tunisia attack not ruled out

British And Irish Tourists Die In Beach Horror

37 killed in Tunisian hotel gun attack: Irish woman among dead

PSNI chief’s apology after Orange parade attacked in Belfast

McCallister police probe centres on NI21 equipment

McCallister fraud suggestions ‘laughable’, says ex-colleague

Go ahead for gay marriage legal challenge

Sinn Fein MP slammed for ‘hypocrisy’ on disabled protest

End posturing before the bailiffs arrive at the door

Nationalist parties are costing 50k jobs: DUP

June 25

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Cardinal Sean Brady to appear

Abuse probe to hear from former Cardinal Sean Brady

Historical Abuse Inquiry: Irish police ‘aware’ of Smyth abuse in 1970s – (It has already been revealed that the RCC knew back in the 1940s!!!)

“He ought never to have been ordained” – Brendan Smyth’s order

Gardai ‘knew of paedophile priest’

Smyth ‘threatened to punch cleric’ – (Revealing conversation between two ‘holy’ men!!!)

Stormont no nearer to solution – (Sticking plaster solutions won’t work!!)

New UUP MLA says gay bed-and-breakfast row “in the past” – (Another ‘somersaulting’ politician!!!)

New UUP MLA Adrian Cochrane-Watson banned gay couples from his B&B – (Some men will pay any price to promote their career!!)

Red faces in UUP at MLA selection fiasco

Sammy Wilson says no apology for Jim Allister ‘thug’ jibe

Fermanagh councillor queries DCAL funding for GAA clubs

Sinn Fein rocked by resignation of entire branch organisation in Cork

Sinn Fein braced for more resignations after veteran’s expulsion

Caroline Moreland’s daughter meets with Martin McGuinness to demand answers about IRA murder

June 24

We’ve broken the law – prosecute us, over 200 abortion activists challenge police

HIA inquiry hears angry jail letter from paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth

Paedophile priest Brendan Smyth ‘found his peace with God’ – (One wonders what the Lord has to say about that!!!)

Row over tricolour and Palestinian flag in Coleraine council chamber

Sinn Fein expels two of its councillors in Republic of Ireland

Lord Janner allegedly abused children in the Houses of Parliament, says MP

Lord Greville Janner ‘violated, raped and tortured’ children in the Houses of Parliament

June 23

Ken Maginnis reveals role in SAS plot

Unionist fury as councillor displays Irish tricolour in Coleraine chamber – (Support for fellow terrorists!!)

Historical Abuse Inquiry: Fr Brendan Smyth ‘could have abused hundreds of children’

Fr Brendan Smyth admitted abusing hundreds of children

Fr Brendan Smyth suspected of abuse before ordination

Beheading accused Nicholas Salvador ‘killed Palmira Silva during rampage’ – (The depraved insanity that is gripping the land!!)

McGuinness has a nerve to slam UK generosity in London

Martin McGuinness: Sinn Fein will give ‘conditional support’ to new budget bill

Cambridge college allows men to wear skirts at formal dinners – (“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God,” Deuteronomy 22:5.)

Prosecutor Pastor McConnell smacks of double standards

Prosecution of ‘Satanic Islam’ pastor James McConnell ‘could have chilling effect on churches’

June 22

English IRA victims’ disgust at McGuinness speech to London rally

HIA inquiry to examine paedophile RC priest Brendan Smyth crimes

Probe examines abusive priest case – Failings that allowed notorious paedophile priest Brendan Smyth to abuse children for four decades will be examined

Inquiry to focus on how Brendan Smyth got away with abuse – (Only one answer to that question: cover-up by fellow clerics!!)

How did Fr Brendan Smyth get away with crimes for so long?

Bradford sisters who left UK ‘to join Isis’ were radicalised by British police, relatives say – (Blame anyone and everyone but the guilty!!)

Former Conservative minister, Baroness Warsi Attacks PM’s Speech ‘Demonising’ Muslims – (Echoes of Irish Republican/IRA propaganda!!)

One in 35 men in Britain are potential paedophiles according to shocking new crime figures – (Legitimising of sodomy has led to this!!)

Dublin’s Criminal Assets Bureau investigating a massive payroll fraud operated for the benefit of dissident republicans

For or against, no one wants to see ‘Satanic Islam’ sermon pastor James McConnell end up in jail

Queries on ‘different’ treatment of ‘hate’ cases

June 20

Anglican archbishop warns of ‘unacceptable compromise’ on gay marriage

Stormont admits: We’re now massively less transparent than under direct rule

London austerity protest: Martin McGuinness brands Tory government ‘a cabinet of millionaire spongers’

Peter Robinson: Honour welfare deal or Stormont is doomed

McGuinness refuses to rule out resignation – (The good news gets better!!!)

TUV Questions Pastor McConnell Prosecution While Others Ignored

British security force collusion with loyalist paramilitaries was endemic, Irish parliament told

Baby held as father forced to rob Post Office

Woman accused of supplying poison for miscarriage

Greece told to accept debt deal or ‘head towards default’

Deaths Caused By Terrorist Attacks Rise By 81%

Church of England Vicar likens homosexuality to paedophilia

June 19

‘Satanic Islam’ sermon Belfast pastor McConnell says he faces six months in jail

Corrymeela chief declares his support for same-sex marriage – (What will FP elder Mervyn Storey say to that after wishing this man well – see earlier article)

Education report into Protestant children’s underachievement can’t be shelved, says PUP

TUV Questions Why Benefit Take Up Programme Targeted GAA

Three “Unionists” Fail to Support Flying the Union Flag at Stormont Year Round – (Traitors!!)

Muslims must do more to repel Isil, says Cameron

George Osborne: UK must ‘prepare for the worst’ as Greece teeters on the edge of euro exit

June 18

Londonderry alert: Bomb was ‘an attempt to murder police officer’

Churches condemn murder attempt on police

DUP bid to fly Union flag at Stormont all year fails – (So much for our ‘Britishness’ assured!!)

DUP slams Villiers as parades row escalates

Sinn Fein agrees to fast-track budget

So long as all parties are in government, nothing will change

Victims of the IRA in Britain ‘deserve to get pensions too’

Free Presbyterians slam supporters of ‘yes’ vote

Preacher James McConnell charged on Islam comments

Pastor James McConnell vows not to be silenced by courts as he faces prosecution over ‘Islam is satanic’ sermon

Despite Protections, Irish Language Is In Decline

Kate Hoey: Labour has become an “extremely unpatriotic” party

June 17

Muslims ‘must stop blaming others for how young are radicalised’ – (About time that comment was made!!)

Reports of child abuse rising sharply, NSPCC says – (Nothing to do with liberalising moral attitudes and acceptance of sodomy, of course)

Rise in HIV cases in Northern Ireland – (“ . . . receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet,” Romans 1:27.)

I lost my gay uncle to Aids… his death made me support same-sex marriage – (Now there’s logic for you!!!!)

An arson a fortnight at Maghaberry leads TUV to ask: Who is in charge of jail?

The Church of England’s marriage definition ‘lousy’ – says sodomite ‘priest’!!!!

There is one true type of marriage – Letter.

Caroline Moreland would be alive if RUC had arrested not recruited her, says agent who shopped mum-of-three

Berkeley balcony collapse: Police were called to birthday party an hour before tragedy – but did not go because of shooting elsewhere

Vatican summons Irish bishops to explain role in paedophile scandals

Hundreds ‘modern-day slaves in UK’ – (Read Revelation 18:13 and its context)

June 16

Is Martin McGuinness about to resign as Deputy First Minister? – (At last, some good news!!!)

Labour tells SF: There’s no more money from Westminster

Three British sisters feared to have gone to Syria to join brother

Presbyterian minister’s daughter calls on church to back gay marriage

RTE urged to probe Dublin ‘collusion’ with terrorists

‘I met IRA to ask them why they murdered my mother’

Collusion debate: IRA informers ‘in high authority’ claims DUP

Garda files on IRA gunmen ‘have been passed to Kingsmills inquest’

Russia ‘will retaliate’ if US tanks and heavy weapons are placed on its doorstep

June 15

Case to relax abortion laws begins in High Court

Wife outraged as IRA killers get pensions…and NOT her bomb victim husband

Pensions for IRA – but not for IRA’s victims: New bill will exclude those maimed in bombing campaign in Britain

Irish Presbyterians in Scottish gay ministers boycott

Peace envoy Gary Hart: America will invest in Northern Ireland, but only if there is political and economic stability

Galway is confused, but he’s right about Paisley – (Miscalling the dead is a coward’s game!!)

Bogside ‘held in fear by IRA for years, it was dictatorship’

Provos ‘and the State’ conspired in murders

The Britsh and the Provos must be held to account over depraved agent Freddie Scappaticci

Jim Allister demands DPP action over IRA membership case ‘failings’

Truly terrible vista of collusion

Conscience clause bill gets ‘huge support’ following Ashers verdict, says MLA

Same-sex marriage: Thousands of gay rights campaigners march in Belfast – (Cowardly politicians, blind so-called Protestants and Sinn Fein-led Romanists will bring in sodomite marriage!!)

Northern Ireland left behind on gay marriage issue, say Belfast marchers

Family Grief Over ‘Youngest Brit Suicide Bomber’ – (Why is there such a blind refusal to see the guilt of these bombers irrespective of the influence of ‘Muslim extremists??)

West Yorkshire teenager is ‘UK’s youngest ever suicide bomber’

June 13

US patience with Stormont is fast wearing thin, warns peace envoy Gary Hart – (oh dear!!!)

Four men arrested by detectives investigating loyalist paramilitary crime

Robert McCartney’s sisters reveal reasons for withdrawing from IRA trial – Women tell of lost faith in justice system

Pressure mounts on parades body in Prince Charles row – (The continued strangulation of the Protestant community by the ecumenically dominated State!!)

Dublin still promising Kingsmills files release

Reported in the News Letter on June 13, 1922: Protestant homes riddled with bullets in Mullingar

Documentary claims: Aim of 1974 Dublin/Monaghan bombings was to start a civil war

DUP in fresh bid to end Westminster allowances for absent Sinn Fein MPs

‘Economically naive’ Sinn Fein are slammed by the DUP

Does SF’s corporation tax U-turn show the party moving to the left?

Big turnout expected at rally demanding legislation for civil marriage equality

June 12

Bombshell documentary uncovers Government collusion with loyalist paramilitaries

SDLP MLA: McDonnell’s position is now untenable

Northern Ireland victims commissioner delay criticised

Tom Elliott makes a vow in Commons to speak up for the victims of the Enniskillen bombing

McCartney sisters were to have been witnesses in IRA membership trial

Police seek to question former IRA intelligence director over Birmingham bombings

Did British secret service protect Birmingham pub bombers?

Australia ‘paid migrant smugglers to turn back’

Tony Abbott refuses to deny that Australia paid people-smugglers thousands to turn back a boat full of asylum seekers

Muslim students at Queen’s University Belfast ‘praying in corridors’ as they call for dedicated multi-faith prayer room – (The ‘dedicated room’ would soon become a mosque!!!)

The true scale of Tony Blair’s global business empire – private jets, five-star hotel stays and police guards funded by taxpayer


June 11

1916 Societies ‘put up Stormont tricolour’ – advantage taken of lax security

Tricolour at Stormont: Unionist scorn for republican group’s claims

A thorough probe is needed into flag incident at Stormont – (Again we ask: who are the contractors controlling the upper floors of Stormont??)

Victim to ask McGuinness if he ordered her mother’s death

Martin McGuinness ‘ready to meet IRA victim’s daughter’ – (Mr ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ will doubtless have a persausive response!!)

Well done to victim’s daughter – Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister

Gay cake row bakery to appeal

‘Sisters of Nazareth nuns beat me with strap for wetting bed’

Quango chief Patrick Yu sorry for ‘Holy Cross’ claim

No Troubles pension for terrorists plea

Galway remarks scupper freedom of Belfast proposal

Anger as Gerry Adams avoids prosecution over silence on brother’s abuse

I’m not an IRA sympathiser, says SNP politician Feargal Dalton

June 10

EU referendum: Rules ‘rigged’ towards Yes vote, former Tory Cabinet minister says

Freddie Scappaticci lawyers fail to stop broadcast of BBC Spotlight film

Caroline Moreland: IRA ‘and state’ blamed over murder

Immigrants who beat their children should get special treatment because of a “different cultural context” says judge: – (Culture above the Bible!!)

Judge says ‘cultural context’ should be considered when investigating allegations of parental child abuse

NSPCC queries High Court judge’s smacking remarks

Jean McConville murder: Gerry Adams prosecution decision expected ‘within weeks’

Barra McGrory, Director of Public Prosecutions, standing aside causes ‘major loss of confidence’ – DUP

Paul McCauley murderers ‘well known’, says Martin McGuinness – (It takes one to know one!!)

June 9

Public is sick of Sinn Fein excuses – (Not to mention the SDLP acting as their lap dogs!!)

Sinn Féin has raked in over $390k from US donors in six months – (No austerity there then!!)

Gerry Adams: PPS ‘correct’ not to prosecute Sinn Féin leader for withholding rape allegations

Find and jail the violent thugs who killed Paul McCauley

SDLP claims seven police officers investigating tricolour on Stormont incident – (Just who are the contractors working on the top floors of Stormont??)

Jim Allister Answers Dallat on Flag

Dallat ‘blase’ on Stormont flag security breach: DUP – (Maybe he knows something others don’t!!)

Donaldson rebukes Trimble over Paisley Troubles comments – (Funny how these men find the courage to say these things after the death of Dr Paisley!!)

Stormont department ignored FoI request for almost four years

June 7

Dead Sinn Fein hardliner is praised – (The unchanged heart of SF/IRA!!)

Trimble: ‘Without Paisley, there’d probably have been no Troubles’ – (Yes, he and his ilk would have surrendered NI long ago!!)

IRA dissidents develop rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon

Sheer quality of the bomb-making equipment is cause for concern

Patrick Stewart stands by Ashers despite social media backlash over gay cake court ruling

Christian nursery worker sacked after voicing views on homosexuality wins unfair dismissal case

Mayor apologises over controversial Facebook remark

Fans at flautist’s BBC concert divided over radio show outburst

GAA football fans accused of shouting ‘IRA chants’

Provisionals also have Basque blood on their hands

Assembly speaker, Sinn Féin’s McLaughlin at Derry Messines commemoration

June 6

Ian Paisley indirectly responsible for killings during Troubles, says flautist Sir James Galway – (1 Kings 18:17-18 springs to mind. He makes no condemnation of SF leaders directly involved in terrorism and murder!!)

James Galway: I was brainwashed by Presbyterians – (Who does he credit for the latest ‘washing of his brain!!’)

Ian Paisley widow Eileen’s anger at James Galway’s claims that Troubles murders were his fault

Ivan Little: The fired-up flautist is certainly a knight to remember now after that astonishing rant

‘Sodomite’ Cleric calls for north-south split on gay marriage

Kingsmill files ‘to be handed over’ vows Irish PM

British aid billions ‘subsidising’ third world defence budgets

UKIP banned from gay pride march – even though party has thousands of LGBT members – (This is a side to UKIP all too many ignore!!)

June 5

Firebrand preacher unrepentant: Ireland will face divine retribution for same sex vote

Presbytery meeting over pro-gay marriage minister

Stormont tricolour briefing ‘entirely unsatisfactory’ – Finn Fein Speaker ‘attempting to hide behind the ongoing police investigation’

Jean McConville prosecution to go ahead

Ivor Bell to be prosecuted over Jean McConville

Disappeared Jean McConville murder: Ivor Bell prosecution to go ahead

Scripture states marriage only for man and woman – Letter

IRA Garda killer McAuley faces jail again over attack on wife

Strong youth vote in gay marriage poll shows gulf between the (RC)church and younger people

Dallat death claims ‘outrageous slur on unionist people’

June 4

UUP split on gay marriage vote – in Belfast Council vote on ‘gay marriage’!!

IRA membership case against Padraic Wilson and Sean Hughes collapses – (Key prosecution witnesses withdrew their evidence – We wonder why!!!????)

IRA membership trial collapses as witnesses withdraw evidence against top republicans Padraic Wilson and Sean Hughes

Irish tricolour flag flown over Stormont

Storm over tricolour flying at Stormont

‘Rogue actions’ behind Tricolour over Stormont

Hoisting of Tricolour over Stormont sparks inquiry

Immediate Action Required on Stormont Tricolour – Jim Allister

‘They can’t grow potatoes, and have a mutant lawn as their national symbol’ Australian advisor launches anti-Irish tirade

13-year-old Amber Peat died as a result of hanging

BBC apologises for erroneous ‘Queen being treated in hospital’ tweet

June 3

A wicked lifestyle – A letter from a Free Presbyterian

Northern Ireland crisis talks fail to resolve standoff over welfare reforms

DUP issues ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum to Stormont parties

Put the blame back where it belongs: with republicans

Stormont plumbs new depths of Farce – Jim Allister

GAA star’s house burnt out ‘in arson attack by IRA gangsters’

Kingmills massacre: Robinson demands Irish government co-operation with inquest

Kincora: calls for abuse to be included in UK inquiry

June 2

Villiers ‘will oppose’ calls to hand welfare back to London – (Scared by Sinn Fein threats!!!)

TUV leader Jim Allister demands answers from Stormont

Dissident republican Sean Kelly’s living it up in Magilligan prison after suspected plea deal

Scale of IRA’s collusion with British state was shocking

Paramilitaries and pensions: BBC Spotlight looks at controversy over victims

British security service shielded abusers in Belfast care home, court hears

Anger as DUP tries to tighten abortion laws in Northern Ireland

Belfast City Council votes in favour of gay marriage

Belfast Council votes to support same-sex marriage

Kingsmill files delay condemned

June 1

Abortion amendment set to be blocked by petition of concern – (Sinn Fein and Alliance parties oppose stronger abortion regulations)

McGuinness describes Stormont crisis as ‘very grave situation’

Martin McGuinness not hopeful about NI cuts breakthrough

Mid Ulster unionists shouldn’t be surpised over Sinn Féin’s Royal baby letter decision: McLean

Gardai now probe leaks about IRA sex abusers

Families demand justice over IRA victims ‘executed’ as informers

I’m tired of Adams’s nonsense, and I’ve challenged the coward to a debate

Praise for Presbyterian who backed same-sex marriage

Christians are being told to leave faith at the door every morning – Former Irish Presbyterian moderator

Unclear if minister will face sanctions over gay marriage views

Irish RC Church divided over fallout from gay marriage vote

Calls to refer to God as a woman as female bishops take up posts in Church of England

Church of England ‘one generation away from extinction’ after dramatic loss of followers

IRA play park row: SDLP will vote to change name

Gerry Adams relatives ‘used as spies’ by British military intelligence

Rewriting of history causing anger: Ringland

Rev Alan Kilpatrick’s first service held in social club

Knocknamuckley’s Rev Tom Conway: ‘If you print a picture of me I’ll sue. There’s a lot of hurt over what you write’

May 30

British and Irish governments to intervene in Stormont stalemate

Irish PM, Enda Kenny’s ‘broken promise’ on Kingsmills files release

On-the-Runs scandal took no account of innocent Troubles victims

Magherafelt DUP councillor deflects criticism over ‘homosexuality not legal’ remark – (It is ever wrong to legitimise that which the Lord condemns!!)

Presbyterian minister at odds with church over gay marriage – (This woman is no minister of the gospel of Christ. She is at odds with the Bible!!)

Outspoken minister backs equal marriage vote in Republic – (Further evidence of the apostasy of Irish Presbyterianism!)

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May 2015

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Firebrand pastor blames Catholic church abuse for same sex referendum result

A surprising report in a Nationalist Newspaper with a readership which is predominantly Roman Catholic.

LOCAL firebrand preacher Ivan Foster has launched a scathing attack on Irish Catholicism after the South’s landslide yes vote to legalising gay marriage saying the historic vote was a direct result of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals.

Speaking after 62 per cent of people in the South voted in favour of changing the constitution to allow gay and lesbian couple to marry, the former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church went on to brand it as a “false religion” which has “cursed” Ireland.

In a statement sent to the Fermanagh Herald, the fundamentalist accused the South of defying God and “embracing sodomy”.


“This has been done in defiance of God’s Word. That, of course, is hardly surprising since the people of the land have been under the heel of Romanism for centuries and have thereby been taught to pay scant heed to what the Bible says, irrespective of the allegiance to the Word of God that the Church of Rome professes.

“Romanism is a false religion which masquerades as the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ. It has indoctrinated the Irish people in its falsehoods for centuries. What a curse its dark shadow has been to Ireland.

“But Ireland has not only had to bear the burden of false doctrine instigated by Rome, but the Irish people have been plagued by the licentious vileness of her ‘bachelor’ priests, many of whom used their position to molest and violate hundreds of children within this generation and countless multitudes in the centuries of her past dominance.

“In reaction to that and as a direct result of it, the majority in the Irish Republic have supported the legalising of sodomite marriage.”

Referring to a picture of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams celebrating the yes vote with Ireland’s best known drag queen who is called Panti Bliss, he said: “The painted ‘female’ in the middle is Rory O’Neill, who performs as a ‘drag queen’.

“There you have it. The man who heads up Sinn Fein, the armed wing of which mounted a 30 year terror campaign in Northern Ireland, which resulted in hundreds of people, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, murdered and in thousands terrorised, robbed, injured, kidnapped and taken away and murdered and secretly buried, is at the heart of this “yes” vote.

“What an unholy caucus”

He appealed for prayer for the “Bible-believing minority” who he said would feel more isolated by the South’s decision to vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

He added: “Pray that many saddened, alarmed and troubled souls will seek out God’s Word and those who preach it and embrace the Truth of God in these evil times.”

Rev Ivan Foster is set to preach on the result of the Irish referendum at Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church this Sunday, 31, at 7pm. (See original article online here.)

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Irish Republic defies God and embraces sodomy!

The Irish Republic has become the first country in the world to embrace sodomite ‘marriage’!
This has been done in defiance of God’s Word. That, of course, is hardly surprising since the people of the land have been under the heel of Romanism for centuries and have thereby been taught to pay scant heed to what the Bible says, irrespective of the allegiance to the Word of God that the Church of Rome professes.

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The reason why?? – “There is sin in the camp!!

1280757771-free-presbyterian-protesters-demonstrate-against-belfast-gay-pride_400328A response by Rev Ivan Foster to the decision of the court on the Asher’s Bakery case.

“Up, sanctify the people, and say, Sanctify yourselves against to morrow: for thus saith the LORD God of Israel, There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you,” Joshua 7:13.

‘Gay cake’ row: Judge rules against Asher’s bakery – so reads the BBC Northern Ireland news site article on the court decision on the case brought against Asher’s Bakery on behalf of an acknowledged sodomite, Mr. Gareth Lee. Mr. Lee wanted the bakery to provide a cake with the slogan “support gay marriage” along with a picture of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and the logo of the ‘Queerspace’ organisation.

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Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible omits any reference to children needing to be converted in the section entitled: “Raising children in the Lord”

In the ‘Christian Living Section’ of ‘The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible’, there is an article entitled: “Raising Children in the Lord”.

This article outlines five “means” which Christian parents are to employ in raising children in the Lord. There is first a reference to praying for children. This is expanded to mean labouring to bring our children to Jesus so that He might bless them. Matthew 19:13-15 is included as a reference at this point.

Subsequent “means” of raising children are outlined as: teaching the Bible to your children, disciplining them in love, offering wise counsel, and lastly, living as a godly example before them.

There is something seriously, and sadly, lacking in this section on “Raising Children in the Lord”. There is no clear and obvious mention of the children, of believers, needing to be evangelised and converted to Christ. What is the aim in praying, teaching, disciplining, counselling and setting a godly example before our children? It is that they might be converted to Christ and that at an early age.

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Membership of a church — is it necessary??

kilskeeryfpcA word to many who attend Free Presbyterian services. 

By Rev Ivan Foster

And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers, Acts 2:42.

This is an important matter in a day of lawlessness when God’s order is defied, neglected and overthrown in many lives. In order to enjoy the fulness of God’s blessing we must be conformed to all His commandments and laws.

The persons referred to in our text are true converts to Christ. They were the product of Holy Ghost conviction in a day we can only call a day of mighty revival power as it has never been known since. These were a people, doubtless of all ages, who acted upon the Word of God that was preached to them by the apostles that wonderful day. “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized.” They were the glad receivers of the Word of God. They openly professed their faith by being baptised. Furthermore, they were added unto the church, verses 41, 47. That means they “joined the church”, took their place amongst the ranks of the ekklesia, the called-out gathering of people professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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“Impartial Reporter” editorial critical of Jim Wells MLA and those who share his views of sodomy

A response by Rev Ivan Foster

I have known Mr McDaniel for a long time. Given his background, I am disappointed that he propagates in the editorial of his newspaper on 30th April, the standard abuse of Christians who seek to obey God’s Word regarding sodomy and even seeks to endorse his comments by ending with a quote from the Word of God, albeit, not from the Authorised Version.

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today. By Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 4 : Further illustrations of former manifestations of apostasy.

Examples of the spirit of apostasy at work throughout the ages, recorded within Holy Scripture, are myriad. We may conclude from that fact that the Lord is most desirous of us learning of the dangers of apostasy, the waywardness into which the ‘creepers’ which Jude warns of would have us go. The danger is thus highlighted for us to heed.

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

Part 58

Part 59

Part 60

Part 61

Part 62

Part 63

Part 64

Part 65


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More news

May 29

Portadown church split as controversial minister is moved

Maverick rector Alan Kilpatrick regrets modern style of sermon

Ashers Baking Company to mount appeal against court ruling

Ulster Unionists meet equality body over Newry playpark

Claim that hundreds of deaths in North happened due to collusion

PSNI boss questions claims on scale of Troubles collusion killings

Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets

Australian PM Tony Abbott paves way for same-sex marriage reform – despite his ultra-conservative credentials – (These so called “conservative convictions” are entirely subject to public opinion whipped up by “gay” lobby!!)

Magherafelt councillor will face calls to retract ‘homosexuality should not be legal’ comment

Same sex marriage: Churches must live with the new reality or wilt – (According to Clarke, public opinion/sodomite agenda must replace the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice!!)

Ireland’s media silenced over MP’s speech about Denis O’Brien

May 28

Northern Ireland welfare dispute: Westminster could take over powers

Stormont crisis: Finance Minister, Arlene Foster says it’s time for Westminster to take over and implement welfare reforms

Stormont Crisis – The Product of an Unworkable System

Unionists hit back at ‘Scrap NI’ remarks by Sinn Fein’s Barry McElduff – (This the true objective of the viper that Unionists embraced when they agreed to power-sharing!!!)

NI ‘collusion’ between UK authorities and paramilitaries

‘Gay cake’ case: Ashers bakery to appeal discrimination decision

UK Methodist Church apologises for abuse spanning decades

British arm of the Methodist Church apologises for decades of child sex abuse with almost 2,000 victims

Church split as Knocknamuckley minister Alan Kilpatrick moves on

Palestinian paramilitary group, Hamas ‘Killed And Tortured Palestinians’

Vicar refuses to baptise child because parents are not married, telling them: ‘It’s not a ticket into heaven’ – (Comments by mother shows she is a heathen rather than a ‘Christian’ as claimed!!)

Pope’s finance chief promises to appear at Australian child abuse inquiry – denied trying to bribe a victim of a paedophile priest to keep quiet

Equality law will change to protect gay teachers

May 27

Audio: Ulster Cleric says God is punishing Europe ‘with ISIS and homosexuality’

Church of Ireland ‘must honour’ parishioners in gay marriages – (What about obeying the Word of God??)

Vatican calls Irish referendum a ‘defeat for humanity’

Military Covenant: Nationalists reject DUP veterans call

Northern Ireland welfare reform bill fails to pass

Rejection of welfare bill an act of ‘political terrorism’: UUP

Northern Ireland power sharing in crisis as welfare bill fails

Stormont on brink of collapse: Uncharted waters after welfare cuts bill is sunk

Stormont in ‘disarray’ after Welfare Bill fails

Robinson’s absence will fuel pessimism over deal to break deadlock

IRA play park row commission wholly discredited: Stormont minister Danny Kennedy

Irish Government to consider slapping ban after European ruling

May 26

Methodist response to gay vote – (Typical wishy-washy tripe from an ecumenist!!)

Northern Ireland welfare reform debate expected to go ahead

DUP ready for welfare debate despite Peter Robinson’s heart attack

Captain Doug Beattie accuses government of ‘abandoning’ Northern Ireland military veterans

Robinson faces uncertain political future after heart attack

Kyle Paisley hints his twin is the man to tame DUP nest of vipers

Why the SDLP could waver as welfare reform D-Day looms in Northern Ireland

UUP councillor’s disquiet over Nesbitt’s softening opposition to same-sex marriage

Adams is a coward for refusing live debate, says Mairia

Same-sex marriage vote an ‘unmitigated disaster’ for Church – (This is a reference to the popish church which is wickedly called ‘the Church’!!)

Abuse Survivors Lose Faith In Goddard Inquiry – (The procrastination is all part of the plan to bury the whole matter!!)

All politicians lie, says ex-deputy Liberal Democrat leader

Wikipedia edits from inside Parliament removing scandals from MPs’ pages, investigation finds

May 25

NI First Minister Peter Robinson has suspected heart attack

Peter Robinson admitted to hospital

Peter Robinson taken to hospital with suspected heart attack

Same-sex marriage: Northern Ireland ‘last bastion of discrimination’ says Amnesty

Irish gay marriage referendum: Pressure to build on Northern Ireland’s politicians to allow vote on gay marriage

Ireland has said ‘yes’ to gay marriage and ‘no’ to Catholicism – (Better it had said ‘NO’ to both!!)

The striking thing about the Yes camp was its intolerance

RC Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: Catholic Church needs reality check – (‘Look, have we drifted away completely from young people?’ – No mention of the Bible)

Gay marriage vote: Presbyterian Church disappointed at result

SF and DUP at daggers drawn while SDLP hold balance of power

Arlene Foster hopes welfare impasse does not lead to collapse of the assembly

Equality Commission washes its hands of IRA play park name

The truth behind the Sinn Fein smiles

IRA killers may have been offered immunity

Secret files claim IRA terror suspects here were given amnesty

Mairia Cahill reacts furiously to claims by Gerry Adams that she was abused by her uncle

Mary Lou seeks to defend Adams over Mairia ‘uncle’ claims

Shoppers show their solidarity for beleaguered Ashers bakery

Scottish independence: Support grows for Yes

May 23

Rep. of Ireland same-sex referendum set to approve gay marriage – (The final count! – “But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all,” Luke 17:29)

Máiría Cahill says she is ‘vindicated’ by report

Prosecutor apology over IRA ‘abuse’

Sir Keir Starmer QC report: Mairia Cahill and other alleged IRA rape victims ‘let down’ by PPS

Máiría Cahill allegations: Sir Keir Starmer criticises handling of rape cover-up claims

Maíria Cahill calls on Sinn Féin to accept report and to apologise

Victim Mairia ‘gutted’ that PPS failings mean accused won’t face justice

Fianna Fáil claims Gerry Adams has serious questions to answers

Welfare reform: Peter Robinson in new assembly warning

SDLP tables petition of concern on welfare reform

Unionists call (challenge to nationalists) for welfare proposals as the final budget deadline looms

Prince Charles visits Corrymeela: ‘A model to all who strive for peace and reconciliation’ – (He follows in the steps of DUP minister, Mervyn Storey, who wished the Corrymeela Community well back in February)

Two faces of Sinn Fein: Gerry Kelly joins protest while Martin McGuinness shakes hands with Prince Charles

May 22

Same-sex referendum: Polls open in Republic of Ireland

Same sex marriage referendum: Four Northern Ireland Church of Ireland clerics back ‘No’ vote in Republic

Irish gay marriage referendum: Mary McAleese calls for ‘Yes’ vote after gay son’s secret suffering

Rep of Ireland’s deputy prime minister says extending marriage rights to gay people will prove equality is the cornerstone of the Republic – (Read ‘depravity’ rather than ‘equality’!!)

‘Gay cake row has given No campaign a massive boost’

Action begins against Drogheda printer in ‘gay invite row’

US Boy Scouts Chief In Plea To Allow Gay Leaders

Prince Charles and Camilla welcomed at Roman Catholic church in Belfast – (You can see who organised the details of the visit!!)

Prince Charles to visit NI peace centre Corrymeela – (The centre of ecumenism !!)

Amid forgiveness in Mullaghmore we should not forget the past

Donaldson praises Jenny Palmer’s contribution to local politics

DUP faces threat of extinction, says Ian Paisley’s son Kyle

Stormont in Crisis ….Again!

Casement Park: Paul Scott claims damning says Carál Ní Chuilín – (“It’s simply unthinkable that I’d want to put lives at risk,” – laughable coming from Sinn Fein that came to power through its terrorism and murder!!)

National Crime Agency will investigate child porn case the PSNI panned over

Ashers ‘gay cake’ case: Quoting Bible in 21st century is no argument say Liam Clarke – (It will prove to be a decisive argument at the Great Assizes, John 12:48!!)

May 21

Ashers bakery couple: Guilty by law, but we’re innocent in God’s eyes

Churches lament ‘loss of religious liberties’ after cake determination

Ashers ‘gay cake’ decision is a threat to our freedom of conscience – Butchers and candlestick-makers, regardless of their religious opinions, will also be forced to comply, or face prosecution, or give up their businesses entirely.

‘Bert and Ernie’ cake case in Northern Ireland sparks debate over human rights and religion

‘Gay cake’: US couple encourage Ashers Bakery to appeal ruling

Gerry Adams has no apology for Lord Mountbatten murder – earl ‘knew the dangers’ of coming to Ireland

Prince Charles has nothing to apologise for but is happy to forgive – it’s a pity Gerry Adams can’t do the same

Relatives of Bloody Sunday join Prince of Wales at service for peace

Bloody Sunday relative Bethany McLoughlin sings for Prince Charles in Sligo

Handshake ‘does not absolve republican terrorists’

OFMDFM blasted for funding body which took on cake case – (Yes, and they have funded the sodomite community for years!!)

Irish gay marriage referendum may be closer than polls predict

Coleen Nolan under fire as she appears to compare gay rights to ISIS in Ashers ‘gay cake’ case debate on Loose Women – (Sodomite lobbyists highly organised and deceitful!!)

Criticism for special DUP advisor Brimstone following investigation

May 20

Ashers owners’ ‘extreme disappointment’ at gay cake verdict – (See our comments inThe reason why?? – “There is sin in the camp!!)

Ashers Verdict – Dark Day for Justice and Religious Freedom – Jim Allister

The ‘gay cake’ ruling against a Christian bakery could lead to even more discrimination – it’s opened a very strange can of worms

Equality body that supported a gay man in his legal battle against Ashers Bakery has been vindicated, says Chief Commissioner Wardlow

Prince Charles meets Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams – (All the talk about reconciliation is utter nonsense – Sinn Fein remains the same murderous, thieving, lying organisation it always has been. Political advantage is all it seeks!!)

Prince Charles to visit scene of Lord Mountbatten’s murder and meet the mother of a boy murdered in same attack

Prince Charles shakes hands with Gerry Adams

‘Mountbatten knew dangers in coming here’, says Adams

National Crime Agency powers extended to Northern Ireland

DUP’s Jenny Palmer at centre of bullying claim resigns

Irish Presbyterian Church’s ‘profound concern’ over Ashers’ ruling

Irish Presbyterian’s ‘deep sorrow’ at Scottish gay vote

Victims query Bishop’s Easter Rising address – (Why not query her for usurping of an office God says should only be filled by a man!!)

Peter Robinson warns assembly could collapse over welfare powers

Move over Gerry Adams, Peter Robinson is the new king of Twitter – (DUP have been practising ‘twittering’ for quite some time now!!)

May 19

‘Gay cake’ row: Judge rules against Ashers bakery

Senior IRA man, Jock Davison murder suspect in hiding, crime baron goes to ground as police warn Copeland and Kelly they are under threat

IRA sex attacker could have fled Ireland, says abuse victim

Gerry Adams ‘pulls out’ of Willie Frazer debate

New rules to improve MLA conduct – (It says something about Stormont when it must receive lessons in courtesy from Sinn Fein!!)

Schoolgirl ‘raped by 60 members of Asian sex gang by the age of 16’

Prince Charles to begin four-day Ireland visit

Prince Charles to meet Gerry Adams and attend emotional meeting in Ireland at spot where great-uncle was killed by massive IRA bomb

Prince Charles to meet Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams

Queen insisted on Prince Charles meeting Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams during Ireland visit

No intelligence of a specific threat to Prince Charles ahead of Royal visit – gardai

Bloody Sunday victim’s sister slams SF over Prince Charles visit

For all the talk of pacts, it will get nasty as unionists target each other’s seats

Gay blood ban: New health minister Simon Hamilton vows to be ‘guided by science’

The scandal of foreign nurses with bogus papers

Isis seizes Ramadi: After Iraq’s worst defeat in the war with the Islamic militants, battle is on to defend the road to Baghdad

May 18

Christian faith ‘sustains’ bakery family ahead of ruling

RC Archbishop’s appeal to Irish voters ahead of the gay marriage referendum

Irish authorities ‘knew IRA terrorists who murdered Mountbatten’

Royal visit: Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams confirms party will attend visit of Prince Charles and Camilla

Security stepped up for Prince Charles visit to Ireland

The Irish road to peace cannot hide injustice

Dublin-Monaghan bombs: Wreaths laid on 41st anniversary

Westminster Speaker John Bercow ‘prepares to divorce wife Sally over affair’

SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell admits he could quit inside a year

DUP’s David Simpson pens astonishing 1,000-word letter to UUP leader Mike Nesbitt

The old leaders of Sinn Fein just won’t let go

‘Provos are hiding my abuser in safe house’ – Paudie

Institute of Directors NI says Westminster stability ‘in contrast to Stormont’

Marauding Scots put paid to Northern Ireland’s hopes of extra cash

Islamic State militants ‘smuggled to Europe’

May 16
Pro-sodomites complain about gospel open-air preachers and tract distributors

Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers in civil partnerships

Stornoway group of 250 quits the Church of Scotland

Nobody will be gagged in Casement Park inquiry: Nelson McCausland’s pledge – (No more Jenny Palmers then!!)

DUP hits back at Dublin over human rights act reforms

DUP ‘tried to scare voters with Sinn Fein claim’ – (In other words ‘told lies!!’)

Kelly says controversial Catholic-Protestant headcount leaflet should not have been published

Gerry Kelly now blames Royal Mail for his sectarian leaflets

Dour McDonnell’s more of a liability than he is a leader

Voters across Northern Ireland ‘expressed concerns about SDLP leadership’ says deputy leader, Dolores Kelly

Further calls for SDLP leader McDonnell to go

I know how Prince Charles will feel at Lord Mountbatten murder scene, says mum of Mullaghmore blast victim

Nesbitt and Ní Chuilín (Sports minister) clash over who is more ga ga for the GAA

Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death

Boston bombing: It could be a decade before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is executed

CPS confirms it will review decision not to charge Labour peer Lord Janner over allegations of historic child sex abuse

Lord Janner COULD still be prosecuted for child sex abuse claims – as CPS agrees to review

Tory MP Victor Montagu escaped child sex abuse trial in 1970s

May 15

Westminster ‘world’s most gay Parliament’

Stadium safety fears to be probed

Jean McConville murder: Judge orders final decision on whether to prosecute alleged former IRA commander Ivor Bell

Asian mother found dead with her twin daughters had ‘asked her husband for a divorce’

We must get rid of the dreadful Human Rights Act

Welfare row could sink Northern Ireland yet

Theresa Villiers warns budgets will be imposed if Stormont cannot solve welfare crisis

Senior trade unionist: bus all Northern Ireland Tory voters to England – (That has long been the thinking of Irish Romanists!!!)

SDLP ‘needs leadership change,’ says Mark Durkan – former leader

Dissidents planned to bomb British army base during visit of Charles

Dissidents’ arrests shows that killers have not gone away

‘Take us with you, Scotland’ say thousands in North of England

WW1 Battle of Festubert: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers’ role recalled

700 ‘terror suspects’ have travelled to Syria, Scotland Yard says

May 14

Casement Park: Mike Nesbitt seeks inquiry into minister Carál Ní Chuilín over safety claims

Human Rights Act: Gerry Adams criticises ‘attack’ on NI peace deal – (‘NI peace deal’ was itself a denial of human rights when it put murderers into government!!)

Niece of Disappeared monk (murdered by the IRA) hopeful of finding body

Whistleblower Jenny Palmer isolated by DUP

Red Sky: DUP promotes Stephen Brimstone, the adviser at centre of scandal

Robinson’s three top advisers getting paid almost £92,000 a year (each)

Rising crime rates, a police force starved of cash, and victims like Betty Young (79) are left to pay the price

PSNI chief: If public disorder breaks out we couldn’t police it ‘comprehensively’

Police chief vows effort being made to tackle UDA

Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison: GAA and church step back from ‘tribute’ to murdered ex-IRA leader – (Happy to give support until exposed in media!!!)

RUC daughter’s revulsion over claims murder weapon was handed back to terrorists

‘Disgust’ at Assembly row over dead MLA David McClarty – (No depths too low to stoop to score points!!)

Plot to kill Prince Charles foiled as police seize bombs and guns ahead of royal visit

Vatican officially recognises ‘state of Palestine’

Vatican recognises Palestine as state in treaty

Netanyahu: Nuclear talks continue even as official says Iran has God’s approval to destroy Israel

Rush Limbaugh advises bakery owners who disapprove of homosexuality to blame ‘fear of a Muslim backlash’ for refusing gay wedding cakes

May 13

Human Rights Act: Tory pledge to scrap law ‘breaches NI peace deal’

‘Paramilitary’ attacks on the rise

Nesbitt fresh challenge to DUP – (The implications of this matter are very serious!)

Ex-minister McCausland under intense fire as Red Sky scandal debated

Red Sky: DUP accused of putting party before public interest during angry clash over Nelson McCausland probe

TUV’s Jim Allister denounces DUP’s despicable treatment of Jenny Palmer

Angry exchanges in Red Sky debate

Clonard Monastery group ‘did not back letter praising IRA man’

PPS urged to explain why it didn’t prosecute Gerry Adams for withholding paedophile brother information

Report on decision not to prosecute Adams over brother’s case ‘must be published quickly’

Church of Ireland Archbishops and leading RC theologian call for Yes vote in sodomite marriage vote in Irish Republic

Liberal leader, Jeremy Thorpe: Inquiry into claims police altered evidence – (Further indications of the corruption at the heart of British politics)

May 12

Much of today’s alleged austerity is self-inflicted – (Amen! to such sentiments)

Nepal hit by 7.4 earthquake as it struggles to recover from disaster just weeks ago that killed 8,000 people

NI Sec of State, TheresaVilliers: Sinn Féin should ‘stand by what they agreed’ on reform

Simon Hamilton appointed Health Minister in DUP reshuffle

Analysis: DUP reshuffle another move away from Paisleyism – (The DUP moved away from the first principles of Ian Paisley a long time ago!!!)

Irish republican dissident loses Strasbourg human rights case

Human rights court throws out Colin Duffy challenge

Robert McCartney’s sisters demand review of funding as community groups place ‘Jock’ Davison tribute in Irish News – (Why was he ever employed by them???)

Council to probe advert praising IRA man

Senior Sinn Féin members among hundreds at funeral of murdered IRA leader

McCartney sisters’ fury justified

Heroism of ‘Skins’ (Enniskillen regiments) to be commemorated at Waterloo event in Fermanagh

Jamie Bryson: I’m against the peace process…it’s peace with a gun to its head

Gay dad sets his sights on Peter Robinson – and wants meeting with DUP leader over equal rights – (The DUP have already adopted a “no stance” position on this wickedness)

Westminster Speaker’s wife, Sally Bercow affair: scorned wife slams ‘ego and narcissism’ of Speaker’s wife

Muslim man argues he cannot serve on jury as religion forbids him from judging others – (But cutting off heads and hands etc is ok!!!)

May 11

Jonathan Bell tipped to be named today as Health Minister

Inexorable rise of Sinn Fein comes to shuddering halt

North’s election results puncture SF myth of United Ireland’s inevitability

Analysis: Nationalism sweeps Scotland, but loses ground in Ulster

Brave stand that forced the IRA and Adams into corner

IRA rape claims: review into possible cover-up to be published after election

The nine-year silence that should have cost Gerry his political career

Adams ignores mother’s plea on IRA threat to son

Mike Nesbitt says NI needs ’liberal, progressive politicians’ – (That is what the DUP is trying to become with its new position on sodomy)

Simpson urged to provide evidence over UUP speech allegations

Nesbitt challenges Simpson to provide evidence of racist abuse

Church of Ireland faces shrinking congregations crisis

IRA commander’s funeral takes place in Belfast

Funeral of Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison takes place in Belfast’s Markets area

No funeral mass as Republican Belfast buries atheist IRA chief

Abortion issue cost Sinn Fein Fermanagh and South Tryone claim

North Antrim: Paisley dynasty sails towards 50th year

Vast loyalist parade sweeps through city in honour of WW1 dead

For the good of the Union, it’s time for England to stand up to the Scots

Islamists jailed for chopping of teacher’s hand ‘because exam paper insulted Prophet Mohamed’

US Student failed by atheist professor for refusing to condemn faith

Gardai monitoring Islamic radicals ahead of Prince Charles Irish visit

Scotland tops gay equality league – (This the true ‘spirit’ behind the SNP: a rejection of God’s Word!)

May 9

Australia PM advisor says climate change is ‘UN-led ruse to establish new world order’

Charles plans Lord Mountbatten trip

Three released without charge in former IRA man, Gerard Jock Davison murder probe

DUP’s hopes dashed at Westminister

Gavin Robinson: Acceptance speech ‘disgraceful’ says Kyle Paisley – (????????)

General election 2015: I leave with dignity, integrity and great pride – McCrea

Unionism did well but the North is still facing years of austerity

Nationalist vote falls but reasons for Sinn Féin slump run much deeper

Only 15% of Church of Ireland members attend services

Australian police arrest teenager planning to detonate 3 bombs in Melbourne

Liberia Declared Free Of Deadly Ebola Virus

May 8

UUP’s Tom Elliott ends Michelle Gildernew’s reign in Fermanagh/South Tyrone

William McCrea loses South Antrim seat – (It does not pay to turn your back upon God’s Word on the matter of sodomy for the sake of votes)

Round-up of NI election news

Conservatives on course for majority at Westminster

Ed Miliband resignation imminent as Conservatives win stunning majority

Clegg Expected To Quit After ‘Cruel’ Losses

‘Scottish Lion Roars’ In Historic SNP Landslide

Good job, Conservatives. Now let’s ditch that slippery Nick Clegg and court the DUP – (You’ll find they are just as slippery!!)

Fresh arrest in murder of former IRA commander in Belfast

Alliance Party defends Councillor Paula Bradshaw’s praise of murdered Jock Davison

May 7

Election 2015: NI electorate goes to the polls to select 18 MPs

Gay row could ‘cause Church of Ireland schism’

Divisions run deep on Lough Erne’s banks, in the UK’s most marginal seat

Jock Davison murder – man arrested

Man arrested over murder of former IRA leader Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison

Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison murder: Second arrest as man, 41, freed

Davison murder shows North’s criminal gangs no longer fear Provos

‘I don’t support the IRA’: Oldham Athletic manager – (No, just one of its most bloodthirsty leaders!!)

Ireland gay marriage referendum: Model couple ‘appalled’ their faces are used on ‘Vote No’ posters

Jamie Bryson gets suspended sentence for flag protests

SF says it is not behind ‘scurrilous’ anti-Dodds letter in North Belfast

Church of Ireland female bishop attends Easter Rising commemoration

Former NI Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan ‘appalled’ by call for gardaí to support same-sex marriage vote

May 6

William McCrea backs DUP decision not to take stance on homosexuality – (THIS IS POLITICS – ‘GO WITH THE CROWD’!! – The man does not deserve the votes of Christians)

Belfast shooting: Ex-IRA man Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison shot dead – Police do not believe dissident republicans shot him

PSNI rules out dissident role in ex-IRA chief’s murder

Belfast police raid home in connection with killing of Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison

Belfast murder: Who was ex-IRA man ‘Jock’ Davison?

Profile of Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison – the IRA boss who ordered the brutal killing of Robert McCartney

Liam Adams loses rape appeal conviction

Sinn Féin defends its refusal to take seats in the House of Commons

Gay couple win High Court battle over baby girl

Two of our bishops should repent – (So too should 43 other Church of Ireland clergy who intend voting Yes in the same sex marriage referendum)

May 5

Man shot near Belfast city centre republican area

Man shot dead in Markets area of Belfast

Rotherham abuse warning reports released – Police and council officials took no action when warned of abuse in 2003 and in 2006.

Sinn Fein hit by storm of anger in ‘sectarian headcount’ leaflet row

More pressure on Sinn Fein over ‘sectarian’ election literature

Election Diary: SF rising star savages Kelly’s sectarian leaflet – (Are the cracks appearing in the godless monolith of Sinn Fein??)

Bishop to lead Royal Black Knocknamuckley church service

Bishop overturns rector’s ban on loyal order’s church service

‘Bishop did not overrule rector on Royal Black service’: Church of Ireland – (Typical Church of Ireland chicanery, seeking to keep both sides happy!!)

Dissident republicans Paint bombers target home of Martin McGuinness

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness ‘would consider meeting Prince on Ireland trip’

Crossmaglen mother fears IRA gangsters will murder her son

Election: Peter Robinson scornful of Sinn Fein appeal to unionist voters over austerity

Gay Ulster Unionist volunteer quits party in disgust till pact with DUP has run its course

In tears: Peter Robinson’s remarks leave children of Co Down gay couple fearful of jail sentence for dads – (The sodomy campaign has reached a laughable stage)

Syria’s ‘circle of hell’: Aleppo residents describe children without heads, streets filled with blood and injuries never before witnessed by surgeons – (All done in the name of ‘Allah’!!!)

May 3

Election: Peter Robinson scornful of Sinn Fein appeal to unionist voters over austerity

SDLP’s McKinney silent on Catholic ‘faith’ decisions – (As we said before the man is an idiot!!)

Election Diary: Crudely sectarian SF leaflet shameful, say SDLP

Paint daubed on memorial to soldier victims of The Troubles

Ligoniel soldiers’ memorial vandalised again

Alliance’s Naomi Long and Judith Cochrane attend same church – but hold opposing views on same-sex marriage

Abortion debate: ‘Our 33 days were full of joy’, says mother of fatal baby – (No one has the right to end a life that God has begun!!)

Sinn Fein minister ‘on the run’ over Casement claims

Police allowed abusers to go free in probe into paedophile, says judge

Mother tells of devastation at DUP’s ‘U-turn’ over abortion – (Ending the life of a child in the womb is more dreadful than being devastated!!!)

May 2

Kyle Paisley blasts call for gay criminalisation, it is “ignorant” to demand that gays should be criminalised – (There seems to be ignorance of God’s Word on Mr Paisley’s part!!!)

Creationism still taught in faith schools despite Government funding threat – (It is legal to discriminate against those who believe and teach the Bible!!)

Election: Gay marriage turns into key battleground as DUP and Alliance clash

Christian politicians should recuse themselves from decisions: SDLP MLA – (What an absolute idiot!! Are we to leave government to atheists??)

Gay man ‘couldn’t believe Wells’ response to question’ – left incredulous – (Wait until he hears God’s response on the day of judgment!!!)

Police probe Susan-Anne White anti-gay rant at Omagh election debate

Fury as Dawn Purvis runs for Victims Commissioner post

Bomb ‘targeting police’ in Belfast exploded safely after Catholic priest receives warning

Wilson: DUP right on whistleblower – (The DUP really have lost all moral awareness!!)

Love cheat minister urges people to vote yes in Ireland’s gay marriage referendum

Life in jail for RIRA gunman who murdered gang godfather Kelly

May 1

Francis Kelleher: Cork RC priest jailed over ‘Continuity IRA’ death threats

Former priest jailed for paying dissident republicans to intimidate a relative

National Crime Agency: We’ll smash criminal networks of paramilitaries – (About time!!!)

Police quiz Lord Bramall as part of paedophile sex abuse inquiry

UN accused of ‘reckless disregard’ for allegations of sex abuse by French peacekeeper forces

Garden Centre Prods wake up; terrorists are re-writing history

NI abortion law: Ford surprised at Robinson comments

Nelson McCausland ‘acted inappropriately’ in matter of Housing Executive contract, Stormont committee finds

Election: Gay marriage turns into key battleground as DUP and Alliance clash

No agreement between parties on change in definition of victim

NI parties Q&A: What is your definition of Troubles victim?

An English voter’s question to labour leader: “How can you stand there and say that you didn’t overspend and end up bankrupting this country? That is absoultely ludicrous. You’re frankly just lying.”

April 30

Candidate: Wells right to link child abuse to same-sex relationships

Gays ’40 times more likely to abuse children’, claims election candidate Susan-Anne White

Voters urged to question candidates on moral issues

Poll: Thousands add their name to petition calling for Northern Ireland referendum on gay marriage

UUP and DUP reject Sinn Féin’s gay marriage referendum proposal

Gay row unionist Jim Wells says his career was destroyed in just 30 seconds

Wells made a blunder, but the door should stay open for his return – (The mistake he made was apologising for uttering the truth!!)

Schoolchildren evacuated from Lisburn Pond Park Primary School amid bomb security alert

Heenan family to initiate retired General, Sir Frank Kitson and MoD legal case – (Murder was committed by loyalist paramilitaries!!!)

Teenager dies in stolen van, stolen in the Republic of Ireland, crash on M1

Loyalist Famine Song bandsmen convicted ‘outrageous’ sectarian behaviour outside Catholic church – (not a word spoken yet convicted while republican can make anti-Protestant statements with apparent impunity!!! (see this news report )

Double Standards on Display in Young Conway Volunteer Case

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April 2015

Index to this edition

FPC Missionary in Nepal Recounts Events

nepal_quakeRev. Wesley Graham is a missionary stationed in Nepal under the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland (FPCU). He has labored there since 2006 and is partially responsible for the care of the 120 Free Presbyterian Churches of Nepal (FPCN) along with Nepalese church moderator Rev. Paul Thapa.

Graham gave an exclusive interview to the Missionary News early this morning, recounting his experience during Saturday’s earthquake, and also describing conditions for himself, his wife, and the Nepalese church.

Read more…. (Link to FPCNA Missions website)

Was what Jim Wells said wrong??

Unscriptural home environments are a threat to the wellbeing of children

By Rev Ivan Foster

DUP MLA and former Heath Minister, Jim Wells

DUP MLA and former Heath Minister, Jim Wells

In the wake of the storm over the comments made by Mr Jim Wells, the DUP former Minister of Health who was forced out of office by the concerted campaign of opposition to his comments on sodomite unions and the danger posed to children by such unions, a few comments are required.

It is clear that it was not just what Mr Wells had said at a political gathering in Downpatrick last week that aroused the opposition of the sodomite lobby. No, it was his long-held views of sodomy and sodomite marriage that caused these critics to seize upon what he said in Downpatrick and make it the basis of a vigorous and vicious crusade against him with the objective of having him removed from office.

 Read more

The rejection of the Bible has opened the floodgates of hell!!


DUP MLA Jim Wells

The advocates of immorality and the perverted lifestyle of the sodomite community have become more vocal, more bold in their promoting of that which the Bible calls “an abomination” and in their denunciations of anyone who dares to contradict their views.

The Jim Wells incident has highlighted that!

At a recent political meeting in Downpatrick, a member of the audience videoed Mr Wells making some remarks about same sex marriages and the raising of children within such arrangements. In the video clip, Mr Wells says “the facts show you certainly don’t bring a child up in a homosexual relationship”. He went on to claim children were “far more likely to be abused or neglected” in “non-stable” marriages.

These words have caused a political uproar!

Read more….

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible’s article on Regeneration contradicts the Perseverance of the Saints

Within The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible article on Regeneration, the following paragraph is found: The sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper reflect this twofold meaning of regeneration. The one is a rite of initiation, administered only once, as a sign of the new birth that happens only once. The other is a rite of nurture, signifying the way in which our souls are nourished and refreshed by feeding on Christ as the true food and drink of eternal life. It must be administered frequently, because the new life within us is still created, dependent life that will wane and die if not refueled and sustained.

The last sentence of this paragraph makes reference to the Believer’s ‘new life’ waning and dying and needing to be refueled and sustained by the Lord’s Supper to avoid this happening. The sentences states: It must be administered frequently, because the new life within us is still created, dependent life that will wane and die if not refueled and sustained. (Emphasis added)

Read the entire article posted on The sound of an alarm site here.

Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible employs a ‘somewhat vague’ and ‘confusing’ definition of the doctrine of ‘Regeneration’. Why?

In ‘The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible’ there is a full page article given over to an explanation of the important doctrine of ‘Regeneration’.

This full page article appears on page 1,774 of the Study Bible, in connection with the occurrence of the word ‘regeneration’ in Titus 3:5. This word translated ‘regeneration’ only appears twice in all the New Testament, and only in Titus 3:5 does it refer to the subject of individual salvation. The other place the word appears is Matthew 19:28, where it is used with respect to the coming restitution of all things.

Read all of the article on Rev. McClung’s Sound of an alarm blog, here.

Dr Beeke’s Bible venture begins to unravel

RHB_study_bible“He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy,” Proverbs 28:13.

There is something worse than sinning. It is a denying of our sin and a seeking to cover it.

There is something worse than dishonesty. It is the covering-up of a lie and seeking to pass it off as a poorly-stated truth.

Both of these things the producers of the “Reformation Heritage Study Bible” (RHSB) and the editor, Dr Joel Beeke, in particular are guilty of.

Read more

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible justifies drinking alcohol

wineIf Christians were to read the following statement justifying the drinking of alcohol, especially the words underlined, without knowing where they came from, I wonder what their first reaction would be?

This is especially applicable to Free Presbyterians, who hold to a Temperance position on the consumption of alcohol.

The statement reads: Beware of the danger of drunkenness. We personally need to be very careful with strong drink. It is a stumbling block to many. Alcoholic drink is not wrong per se, but the Bible does clearly teach that drunkenness makes one unaware of what is happening. We must not misuse our bodies. Drunkennes is often linked to immorality and unseemly behavior. Therefore, respect the civil laws limiting alcohol consumption and guard yourself against ever becoming intoxicated.

Rev. Brian McClung has posted a series of articles dealing with this important matter on his personal blog “The Sound of an alarm”. Use the links below to read his articles.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible Map Section endorses the liberal interpretation of the Bible, with no crossing of the Red Sea

RHB_KJV_mapEditor’s comment.

Yet again Rev Brian McClung has highlighted an example of ‘unorthodoxy’ manifesting itself in Dr. Joel Beeke’s ‘The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible’.

It contains in its maps’ section a blatant denial of the Exodus record of God leading Israel through the Red Sea, which He had miraculously divided for them so that they could escape Pharaoh and his host.

The record of God’s inspired Word states:

And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left. And the Egyptians pursued, and went in after them to the midst of the sea, even all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots, and his horsemen. And it came to pass, that in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel; for the LORD fighteth for them against the Egyptians. And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen. And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them,” Exodus 14:21-28.

That glorious event is wickedly and flagrantly denied in ‘The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible’.

May the Lord give grace to those ministers who were involved in this production and who by so doing have encouraged Free Presbyterians to purchase copies of this Bible now to speak out and warn the people of God about the corruptions and errors within this production.

I have no doubts that they do not share such modernistic and God-denying thinking but they must now disassociate themselves from this ’Study Bible’ and not become part of the deceitful cover-up of these wretched denials of God’s truth.

We commend this article to our readers and urge them to pray for those men who have unwittingly aided this unhappy venture that they might take the decisive action required by the Lord in this crucial issue.

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin,” James 4:17.
“Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking (disregarding) the law dishonourest thou God?” Romans 2:23.

Ivan Foster.
2nd April, 2015.

Read the article here.


roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today by Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 3: Remembering the lessons of former manifestations of apostasy.

It cannot be emphasised enough that “the thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun,” Ecclesiastes 1:9

The instigator of rebellion and apostasy, the devil, cannot change. He cannot change his tactics, his objectives or his methods.

Therefore, it is very easy to discover both his activities of former times repeated and, to a very large degree, anticipate the form and fashion of his next attack.

It is for this reason that the Saviour tells us, “As it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed,” Luke 17:26-30. The ways of the heart and mind under the control of sin will not alter.

Read more

KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.


Part 52

Part 53

Part 54

Part 55

Part 56

Part 57

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Latest news stories

Candidate: Wells right to link child abuse to same-sex relationships

Gays ’40 times more likely to abuse children’, claims election candidate Susan-Anne White

Voters urged to question candidates on moral issues

Poll: Thousands add their name to petition calling for Northern Ireland referendum on gay marriage

UUP and DUP reject Sinn Féin’s gay marriage referendum proposal

Gay row unionist Jim Wells says his career was destroyed in just 30 seconds

Wells made a blunder, but the door should stay open for his return – (The mistake he made was apologising for uttering the truth!!)

Schoolchildren evacuated from Lisburn Pond Park Primary School amid bomb security alert

Heenan family to initiate retired General, Sir Frank Kitson and MoD legal case – (Murder was committed by loyalist paramilitaries!!!)

Teenager dies in stolen van, stolen in the Republic of Ireland, crash on M1

Loyalist Famine Song bandsmen convicted ‘outrageous’ sectarian behaviour outside Catholic church – (not a word spoken yet convicted while republican can make anti-Protestant statements with apparent impunity!!! (see this news report )

Double Standards on Display in Young Conway Volunteer Case


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More news

April 28

DUP strategy to avoid moral issues in disarray – (Their efforts to avoid upsetting sodomites will cost them the votes of Bible-believers!!)

Hold a Northern Ireland referendum on gay marriage, Martin McGuinness tells leaders’ TV debate – (I believe he would get a shock if it happened!!)

I will report online abuse to the police – Jim Wells

Former UUP mayor fights for No vote in Republic’s gay marriage poll

Tory coalition with DUP and Ukip could spell the end of the BBC as we know it

Lord Janner complainants to seek review of CPS decision

Lawyers make fresh bid for Lord Janner trial

Derry bombers’ ‘inadequate’ warning risked lives, say Northern Ireland police

Birmingham pub bombings: successive governments have ducked and dived to avoid the issue

Rip up the absurd laws which threaten our Armed Forces

Star Neeson ‘risks being seen as an IRA poster boy’ (He is that already!!!)

‘Bias’ in Ulster Museum books – (Ulster’s history obliterated!!)

April 27

Alert follows explosion at Crawford Square in Derry

Gay marriage rejected by Northern Ireland Stormont Assembly

Assembly rejects motion on same-sex marriage again

Gay marriage vote exposes deep divisions within Northern Ireland parties

Spare Wells the lynch mob treatment: Robinson

Jim Wells ‘deeply saddened’ by menacing online abuse

Martin McGuinness: ‘Jim Wells is a bigot’ – (This from the leader of the IRA’s 30 year murder and terror campaign!!!)

Disastrous timing of comments forced Jim Wells out

DUP going soft on homosexuality: Foster

Ukip offers Christians who object to gay marriage special legal protection

‘Charging of former soldier illustrates double standards’

The wooing of the DUP: how Paisley’s party may hold the keys to No 10

Everything you need to know about Nigel Dodds and the Democratic Unionist Party

Modernising Church of Ireland minister blocks Black Preceptory service in church

April 25

Lord Janner: More alleged victims come forward following decision not to prosecute

Lord Janner: How the Director of Public Prosecutions should have handled the Labour peer

Robinson defends Wells as police investigate minister’s comment

Wells’ position ‘no longer tenable’ – McGuinness – (He was a leader of the IRA’s campaign of murder and terrorism – What a wretched hypocrite!!)

Wells abuse row: Mask has slipped, says Clegg – (He is leader of the party that introduced legalised abortion resulting in the brutal death of millions of unborn children)

Police investigate minister’s gay abuse remarks

Sinn Féin see Adams as a ‘god’, claims Fianna Fail TD Dara Calleary at his party’s annual conference

Images of armed dissidents in Lurgan probed by PSNI

Attempted murder charge over 1974 fatal shooting

John Pat Cunningham death: 73-year-old man (understood to be a former soldier) charged over 1974 Army shooting

Former soldier charged over death of Tyrone man in 1974

Desmond Boal: Political colossus whose star truly shone in the courtroom

April 24

Alison Saunders: I was right not to charge Lord Janner with child sex abuse

Stormont reform should be your price, Allister tells DUP

Jim Wells defends South Down hustings’ comments on child abuse

Health Minister Jim Wells apologises for comments linking gay marriage and abuse

Health Minister Jim Wells apologises for gay ‘abuse’ remarks

Another crisis looming on Hill (Stormont) after election

Dissidents are blamed as bomb hurled at Belfast police explodes in air

No coroner for IRA massacre hearing

April 23

Greville Janner affair: Children’s homes inquiry evidence ‘must be released’

Police consider challenge to CPS ruling not to charge Janner over abuse allegations

Boris Johnson adds to MPs’ disapproval of DPP decision on Lord Janner

‘He’s not welcome’: Prince Charles faces protests on visit to Sligo

We’re friends now,’ say locals as Charles to visit Mountbatten spot

Election 2015: TUV calls for end to Stormont’s mandatory coalition

DUP manifesto launch leads to protocol row over Wrightbus

Pro-life campaigner ‘shocked’ by DUP free vote on abortion – had not anticipated this position change

Glengormley is a no go area for Protestants, claims Orange Order

IRA informer accuses police of abandoning him to die

War of words: Gerry Adams had a massive go at Micheál Martin tonight

David Cameron says he will never validate DUP policy on gay rights and LGTB issues – he “profoundly disagreed” with DUP policy on lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGTB) issues

Presbyterian Church in Ireland favours a ‘no’ vote in ROI gay marriage referendum

April 22

North Belfast: Police investigate attack on patrol

Bomb aimed at police in north Belfast missed target and exploded in mid-air

NI Paramedics to wear full riot gear and drive bulletproof vehicles

Retired British soldier, 73, to be quizzed by detectives over 1974 Northern Ireland shooting of man with learning difficulties

Tesco posts record £6.4bn annual loss – (So much for supporting sodomites!!)

DUP not to take stance on Ford’s abortion bill – (This is the party that used to have the scriptural motto “The Truth will set you free.”)

April 21

Lord Janner abuse case – DPP Alison Saunders took legal advice on Greville Janner from former colleague of his son – (Is there no decency left in Westminster??)

‘Anti-British Mid Ulster Council strengthening TUV’ election campaign

Sinn Fein’s trolls scored own goal with John Coyle attack

Sinn Fein tops the poll with Queen’s students

Hope voiced over future of ‘.gov.uk’ web names in Northern Ireland

Arrest over fatal Army shooting in 1974

Man arrested over comments made in Lurgan republican commemoration event speech

Irish republican detained for calling armed attacks ‘legitimate’

Man to appear in court charged with encouraging terrorism

Adams’s ‘we ended the war’ claim is laughable, says McConville family

Martin says Adams seeking to ‘legitimise’ McConville killing – (As he has every other IRA murder!!)

Sinn Fein Equally Unfit for Government in Northern Ireland

If Britain quits the EU, should we (Rep of Ireland) be next?

The battle for the Union is about to get nasty

Wake up, the Union is in jeopardy all over again (Scottish nationalism is of the same ilk as Irish nationalism!!!)

Greville Janner: Connection between DPP and Lord’s QC son raises questions over decision not to prosecute him over sex abuse allegations

Doubt grows over dementia claims made by alleged paedophile peer Greville Janner – (He wrote to the House of Lords a fortnight ago requesting membership be continued!!!)

April 20

TUV sore about hustings exclusion

Can Naomi hold East Belfast?

Refusing ‘gov.uk’ web name is part of the erosion of Britishness

Outrage after republican urges people to join the IRA and gloats over Mountbatten murder

Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin to tell FF 1916 event: ‘SF unfit for democratic government’

‘Adams trying to distort the past’ – Michael Martin

SF Easter Rising claims a cynical lie: Fianna Fail

Fianna Fail is reaping a problem it helped to sow

Boy, 14, from Blackburn held over Australia ‘terror plot’

April 18

Abortion law ‘unlikely to be passed by the current Assembly’: Wells

Pressure growing on Jim Wells to publish new abortion guide

Battle for North Belfast: Getting vote out is key to Dodds’ re-election for DUP

Unionist Unity candidate accuses Mid Ulster councillor of ‘anti British bigotry’

Council defends SF chair attending republican parade

Border unionist urges Liam Neeson not to help glamorise IRA

Ex CPS chief Lord Macdonald ‘not told’ of Lord Janner allegations – (The holes through which the guilty are allowed to escape are big indeed!!!)

Former Director of Public Prosecutions was ‘never informed’ of Lord Janner child sex abuse allegations

Anzac Day terror plot: Five teenagers arrested in Australia for ‘planning Isis-inspired attack’

Australian PM urges defiance in wake of terror plot

April 17

Jeffrey Donaldson: Time coming when rift in unionism can mend – (When the DUP becomes as the UUP was!!!)

SF Minister proposes new school network created by Churches – (An ecumenical network is what is envisaged!!)

Justice minister ditches plans to allow abortion for rape victims

TUV Rejects Abortion Law Change – (“The unborn child should not be denied his or her fundamental human rights”)

Unionist Executive parties did not respond to abortion consultation

Ford ‘ignoring’ public opinion over abortion changes – (“99 per cent of people” consulted were opposed to any change in the law)

Police Ombudsman investigation will prove my son was shot to protect IRA spy, claims father

Fine Gael TD calls for IRA abusers probe

Alliance ‘would try to block EU referendum’

San Francisco Catholics beg Pope Francis to replace their ‘intolerant’ archbishop

Farage comes out fighting for Britain in debate with Left-wing party leaders

April 16

Sinn Fein Mayor who wore chain at Easter wreath-laying (in honour of terrorists) faces vote of no confidence

Mid Ulster: Election apathy a danger but Sinn Fein’s Molloy looks a certainty

SDLP leader won’t say how he’d pay for extra public spending

Strabane: Deadly bomb found by man walking on rural road

Sinn Fein’s Deputy leader, McDonald, caused real ‘hurt and damage’ in Dublin parliament – Deputy PM Joan Burton

Political funding rules (Ireland) seem strict but parties raise millions of euro ‘under the radar’

Dublin prime minister rules out ‘conscience clause’ in same-sex marriage vote

Conscience clause could be used as a licence to discriminate against others – (Those presently victimised by pro-sodomite laws must not be given a defence!!!)

April 15

Murders of alleged informers during the Troubles to be investigated

Police Ombudsman in major investigation into ‘IRA informer murders’

Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP) facing Sinn Fein’s slick electoral machine in South Belfast

Naomi Long and Gavin Robinson East Belfast face off in East Belfast election debate

SDLP election candidate John Coyle reduced to tears over online insults

Gregory Campbell can talk the talk all the way to keeping seat

Council chair slammed for attending IRA event

Police probe republican’s ‘armed struggle legitimate’ comments – (How ineffective and anodyne is that phrase ‘Police probe’!!)

PSNI probe republican activist Dee Fennell over speech

Strong reaction among unionists to ditching of ‘.gov.uk’ by councils

Police reveal significant increase in racist hate crime in Northern Ireland – (“And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him,” Leviticus 19:33)

Hundreds protest against racist arson attack in east Belfast

Police reveal significant increase in racist hate crime in Northern Ireland

East Belfast arson attack was ‘racially motivated’

Stormont leaders ‘not doing enough on racist attacks’

‘Conscience clause’ trading warning – (No such concern from Alliance about the absence of such a clause???!!!!

Crossmaglen explosion (by dissidents): Francis McCabe Jr ‘loses sight in one eye’

Assembly calls on Ford to compensate former UDR man

Gerry Adams yet to contact family of Jean McConville

Adams yet to contact family of murdered McConville

Family of IRA man shot dead by SAS lose legal bid

Jury saw sense over security force response to terror

Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald hits out at suggestions she faces censure over Ansbacher comments

Blair has used his political nous to pocket millions

Irish American Democrats back Hillary – (Birds of a feather etc, etc,!!)

April 14

‘Gerry Adams does not shock me anymore… I don’t know why people would vote for a man like that’ – Jean McConville daughter

Fermanagh/South Tyrone: Sinn Fein admits it will be a battle to see off unionist challenge in west

Bid to quash SAS Loughgall killings inquest verdicts thrown out

Sinn Féin shoo-in Paul Maskey walks high roads to build on majority

Election profile: Jim Allister, TUV leader

I have changed my mind about not voting. I’m going to spoil my vote

DUP’s Roberta McNally defiant in wake of ‘taigs’ and ‘tramps’ remarks

Elements within PSNI oppose training college relocation – McGuinness

Neighbours rally around Belfast Polish families after race hate attack

Ignore the hysteria and get justice for victims of Kincora

Dublin Government seeks motion of censure against Mary Lou McDonald

April 13

DUP rule out formal deal with SNP – (They sit in coalition with IRA murderers but rule out any arrangement with the SNP because it is “out to break up the United Kingdom”!!!!)

DUP Double Speak on Partnering Those Committed to Destruction of UK

East Belfast: Five-year election battle comes to a head

East Belfast: Nationalists call for no tactical voting – (Nod, nod, wink, wink!!)

Victims are being let down over access to information – survivor

Ukip’s porn star candidate ‘has done nothing illegal’, says Farage – (Immorality doesn’t come into it!!!!????)

Republicans accused of covering up deaths of IRA ‘child soldiers’

Gerry Adams has to change the record

Jean was not an accidental casualty, someone made a decision to kill her

I won’t rest until we get justice: McConville daughter

More police on streets after rioting in Derry

April 11

Stormont welfare row reignites over benefits

Sinn Fein: No pre-election welfare deal

DUP warning amid welfare reform row

Sylvia Hermon’s verdict on DUP bid for her seat: ‘Interesting, but I’ll win’

Naomi Long will need perfect storm to retain East Belfast seat in battle of popular Lord Mayors

CBS 60 Minutes on Gerry Adams: Rewriting history for prime time US viewers

Why my British Army relative killed in 1916 deserves respect

April 10

DUP launch two-pronged attack on Gildernew

DUP election hopeful Jonathan Bell denies ‘pulling fast one’ over nomination papers

Police attacked and ‘shots fired’ in Derry

DUP seeks ‘victim terrorist’ ban – “It is unacceptable that the terrorist pulling the trigger should be treated the same way as the innocent victim.” – (What about helping the ‘trigger-pullers’ into government, Willie? I’m surprised you don’t see the anomaly!!)

Eamonn McCann: Role of Catholic Church in Easter Rising should be remembered – (That would be a folly indeed!!)

No place for IRA glorification in commemoration of Easter Rising

Sinn Féin has broken Dáil rules on party political broadcasts… AGAIN

Radicalisation – ‘Third Of Muslims’ Blame Police

Church of England should be made to allow gay clergy to marry – bishop – (C of E slides further into the abyss!!)

UKIP porn star candidate John Langley ‘not ashamed’ of career – (This shows us the character of the UKIP!!!!)

Ulster University probe into academic’s anti-gay rant on Facebook – (Had it been anti-Bible it would have been a reasoned discourse!!)

Unionist pact boosts DUP hopes of recapturing East Belfast, says survey – (That should get the Nationalists voting for the Alliance Party!!)

April 9

DUP springs a surprise bid to unseat Lady Sylvia Hermon from North Down

Gildernew won’t tone down Sands link to attract voters

DUP could hold the keys to 10 Downing Street

Belfast postman ‘ringleader in five-man punishment gang’

Belfast racist hate crime figures up 43%

Germany reopens probe into 1989 IRA murder

Where Friends of Sinn Féin raises money in the US

Thousands of travellers entering Ireland from UK will not be included in new passport checks

Relatives of Britain’s 1916 soldiers call for Dublin memorial

Vatican rocked by gay orgies and ‘murder’

Obama: End gay ‘conversion’ therapy

April 8

Cross party support at Elliott campaign launch

Martin Smyth hits back: I do not back the DUP

How Adams has turned mastery of the ‘Big Lie’ technique into art form for SF

Illegal dissident republican march through Derry passes off peacefully

Polish dissident republican supporter arrested in Turkey

Police must investigate Continuity IRA gun salute

SF chief demands truth over past… but expects us to forgive and forget

Home secretary must include Kincora abuse in inquiry, says Belfast MP

April 7

Fermanagh/South Tyrone just one of several seats on a knife-edge

DUP man’s SF photograph refusal ‘protocol’ – (Or rank hypocrisy!!)

DUP MLA defends criticism of UUP counterpart over picture – (More DUP hypocrisy!!)

Police widow horrified at dissident ‘show of strength’ near scene of Stephen Carroll’s murder

Time for Sinn Féin to question Gerry Adams

Sinn Fein to call for referendum on Irish unity at 1916 commemoration event

How Republicans love to perpetuate the romantic myth

Victim links Kincora to alleged London VIP abuse ring

Kincora child sex abuse victim Richard Kerr: I was molested by powerful people at Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House in London

McDonnell ‘OK’ with SDLP backing IRA play park name

Nigel Farage on the NHS: Half of voters agrees that HIV patients cost UK too much money

April 6

Adams ‘trying to justify the unjustifiable’ on McConville murder

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald backs Adams over McConville remark

Once discarded like a dead stray, Jean McConville hasn’t gone away, you know

First signs of Adams’ trusty Teflon image wearing thin on public

Easter terror show of strength as shots fired during Continuity IRA march

Sinn Fein trapped in a time warp

Kelly praises IRA’s ‘bravery and commitment’ – (Known to Protestants as the “Irish Runaway Army”!!!)

SDLP admits taking pay hike three years after vowing to reject increase

Mid Ulster visit by Irish President Michael D. Higgins ‘opposed by unionists’

Country (Irish Republic) awash with bogus fuel but State carried out just 24 tanker tests

‘Promote gay relationships as positive in school,’ teachers say – (God have mercy on the nation that has school teachers such as these!!)

Paudie McGahon’s IRA rapist named in new abuse claim

A new exodus? The reality of being Jewish in Europe today

Christian NHS worker appeals ruling she ‘bullied’ Muslim colleague by praying for her – (Christians are backing away from their duty to witness (Matt 5:14) because of threats from Muslims etc.)

Boy, 14, and girl, 16, arrested by anti-terror police

April 4

Gerry Adams: ’I never pulled a trigger, ordered a murder or set off a bomb’ – (A real republican hero!!!)

Gerry Adams says making Jean McConville’s children orphans is ‘what happens in war’

Jean McConville’s family brands Gerry Adams ‘unbalanced’

Almost 30 discoveries of illegal fuel waste in just three months

Christianity on course to be minority religion in UK

Clashes at anti-Islamism rallies in Australia

A new chapter in the Sunni-Shi’ite war

‘Kenya’s cities will run with blood’ – Islamist al Shabaab militants – (Did someone say that Islam is a peaceful religion??!!)

American Way: The swift denunciation of the religious liberty law is nothing short of remarkable

British minister, Sajid Javid says Muslim communities in Britain have ‘cultural problem’ where women are viewed as commodities

Seized Briton who tried to join Islamic State is the SON of a Labour councillor

England fans ran riot: Retribution swift and brutal as Lansdowne thugs paid for sins – (Would Belfast telegraph print such if it were republican thugs and the PSNI, NOT LIKELY!!!!)

Why are we waiting to quit the EU? – Jim Allister

April 3

DUP and SF unite to give ratepayers’ cash to ex-terrorists – (This is the essence of their power-sharing deal!!)

1916 GPO rebels would hate IRA abuse controversy – Tánaiste

Girls’ Brigade taught homosexuality is a sin – equal to murder, stealing and adultery– (That is God’s view on the matter! Leviticus 20:13.)

Narrow margins in Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Anti-IRA chants are not illegal, says English football supporters’ organisation

Windsor park stand demolition: Is vast excavation pit a clue to cause of subsidence? – (Sabbath-breaking stadium’s troubles came from the pit alright!!)

147 Kenyan people killed by Islamist terrorists

April 2

Constable Ronan Kerr: PSNI say community ‘key to catching killers’ – (The trouble is that there is more sympathy with the murderers than with the family!!)

Police still confident of catching constable’s killers

SF urges anyone with information on ‘paedophile priest’ to speak out – (This is of course after his death!!)

Majority of UUP voters will back me, says DUP’s Gavin Robinson

Jim Allister: TUV only real alternative for unionist voters

Election 2015: SDLP pledges to back Miliband as next prime minister

Eamonn McCann: ‘On-the-runs’ issue could run and run in the North elections

Gregory Campbell warns against ‘Republican aggression’ in new Mid Ulster council

Minister’s decision to pull bands funding ‘perverse’ – (That is the party he and his party choose to go into partnership with!!))

‘Brutal and sectarian reality’ of IRA campaign highlighted

It’s a rotten society that extols gunmen and spurns victims – (It is even more rotten when it elevates one of the gunmen to Deputy First Minister!!)

April 1

Upper Bann set to be unionist grudge match after UUP turn down DUP’s trade-off deal

Fermanagh and Omagh unionists leave council chamber over Irish Presidential motion

Councillor ‘threatened to shove glass bottle down throat’ of TUV woman’s husband on night of loyalist flag protest, court hears

Paramilitary-style attacks convictions “virtually impossible” without victim support

Stormont Justice MinisterDavid Ford wary of all-island probe into IRA sex abuse

Windsor Park: Safety fears over West Stand after cracks spotted – (This is where the Sabbath was broken last weekend. Read our article)

Windsor Park West Stand safety fears after cracks spotted

March 31

“Active abstentionists” – Adams rubbishes talk of Sinn Féin sitting in Westminster

Tom Elliott: When I called Sinn Fein scum, it was directed at murderers – (What do you call those who support and vote for murdering scum, Tom??)

Alliance Party begins battle to hold East Belfast

Northern Ireland councils prepare for the biggest change in over 40 years

Paramilitary attacks ‘have no place’ in community – Sinn Fein – (A case of the pot calling the kettle black!!)

No hot exchanges in Belfast ‘gay cake’ case

Implications of case go beyond gay marriage, bakers and Christians

Gay cake battle: Ashers give thanks, Lee says little, and judge goes away to think

Sunday football objectors drowned out by thousands of Northern Ireland fans at Windsor Park – (“But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,” Romans 2:5)

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March 2015

Index to this edition

Free Presbyterians Protest at Sabbath breaking by Irish Football Association

Sunday_football1Free Presbyterians and other Christians took part in a peaceful protest outside Tyndale Memorial Free Presbyterian Church on the Sabbath afternoon, March 29th, in opposition to Northern Ireland’s first ever Sabbath fixture on home soil. The protest took the form of an open-air service with the preaching of God’s Word.

Read more

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Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible wrongly teaches that Justification brings about a “change of man’s moral nature”

Comment by the Editor:

As well as teaching the popish doctrine that Peter is the rock upon which the Church is built, it is now evident that Joel Beeke’s “Reformation Heritage Study Bible” also teaches the popish doctrine that Justification brings about a “change of man’s moral nature.”

That is similar to saying that because Gerry Kelly, as was recently disclosed, received a Royal Pardon in the 1990s, he underwent a moral change as well!!

We who live in Ulster know that the man who was a prominent member of the IRA and a convicted murderer, is today the same apologist for the IRA’a campaign of terror and murder as he was when an active gunman/bomber.
A legal pardoning of his crimes did not alter his moral character.

So it is with the Bible’s teaching on “Justification.”

These errors in this most inappropriately named “Reformation Heritage Study Bible” must surely further embarrass those Free Presbyterian ministers, who despite many warnings about the dubious associations and behaviour of the man behind it, Joel Beeke, went ahead and put their name to this publication and those who are presently pushing its sales amongst their members.

We commend Rev Brian McClung’s much-needed exposure of this “Bible” and urge everyone to read and study his article.

Read article

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Public meeting to show support for Ashers bakery

waterfront_hallA meeting has been organized by the Christian Institute in The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, on Tuesday 24 March from 8.00pm – 9.30pm.

The following is a note from C. I. Director Colin Hart.

Dear supporter,

Christian bakers’ court case has far-reaching implications for Gospel freedom. In less than two weeks the McArthur family, owners of Ashers Baking Company, face trial at the hands of the taxpayer-funded Equality Commission because of their beliefs about marriage.

People from all over Northern Ireland have been talking about the case, and its far-reaching implications for religious liberty and Gospel freedom, ever since the McArthurs declined to decorate a cake with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’.

But people are not hearing the truth about the case from the BBC and many others in the media. That’s why we have included some Q & As below. I hope you will find these useful when discussing the McArthurs’ situation with your friends, perhaps especially with those who do not go to church.

We believe that the overwhelming majority of people in Northern Ireland think that the McArthur family should not be forced to endorse a cause with which they profoundly disagree. We are asking you to show your support for Ashers Baking Company in the week of their trial.

Please join us at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, on Tuesday 24 March from 8.00pm – 9.30pm where you will hear first-hand from Daniel McArthur, General Manager of Ashers Baking Company. One of the family’s lawyers will speak about the alarming implications of this case for religious liberty and Gospel freedom.

In addition, Christian B&B owner Hazelmary Bull will share her experience of being pursued in the courts over her stand for marriage. We will also share the latest news on the McArthurs’ case and key matters for prayer.

Please bring this event to the attention of your church fellowship and friends, and encourage as many as possible to attend. Please also be remembering the McArthurs in your prayers.

What happened?
In May 2014, an LGBT activist asked Ashers Baking Company for a cake to be decorated with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ – the order was declined by the owners. The firm is being taken to court by the Equality Commission; it claims Ashers has broken sexual orientation and political discrimination laws.

Did they discriminate?
No. The order was declined because it promoted a campaign with which the McArthur family fundamentally disagree. It was the message they objected to, not the customer.

General Manager Daniel McArthur has publicly stated that the firm is happy to serve any customer. The owners were not aware of the sexual orientation of the customer at the time he placed the order and therefore could not discriminate against him on that ground. Had he been a heterosexual the order would still have been declined because the message clashed with the ethos of the business.

Northern Ireland’s equality laws were intended to protect people, not attack them for their deeply-held religious convictions. We do not believe that Ashers Baking Company has broken any laws.

Has the bakery turned down any other requests?
Yes. It has refused other orders in the past, such as designs incorporating nudity or bad language.

What does the law say about same-sex marriage?
Same-sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland. MLAs in the NI Assembly have voted on three occasions to preserve the traditional definition of marriage – most recently in April 2014 by 51 votes to 43.

Does the Equality Commission have a position on same-sex marriage?
Yes. The Equality Commission is campaigning for the introduction of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. Its website states: “The Commission supports the introduction of legislation permitting same sex marriage…including sufficient safeguards for religious organisations.”

Are homosexuals united against the bakers?
Not at all. Leading gay rights campaigner Jeffrey Dudgeon, for example, has called for the court action to be dropped and accused the Commission of twisting discrimination law. Many others have also spoken out in support of free speech and united in their belief that, whilst they may disagree with the McArthurs on same-sex marriage, the family should not be forced to endorse a campaign with which they profoundly disagree.

What can I do?
Come to our meeting at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, onTuesday 24 March from 8.00pm – 9.30pm where one of the family’s lawyers will speak about the alarming implications of this case for religious liberty and Gospel freedom. Daniel McArthur and B&B owner Hazelmary Bull will also be speaking, and we will share the latest news on the case and key matters for prayer.

Talk about the case to your friends, especially those who do not go to church, using some of the important points above.

Pray for the McArthurs and their legal team, and for a just outcome to the case.

Questions and answers

News stories about this case

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slemishA brief account of the work of God in Ireland over the last 1500 years

Rev. Ivan Foster.

The Gospel of Christ came to Ireland over 1500 years ago. Despite many attempts by Satan and his agents God has been pleased to maintain His truth in this land. Following its first planting the Gospel was carried by men whose hearts the Lord had touched into many neighbouring countries: Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland and further.

God has been pleased, in some measure, to do again in these latter days what He did in those distant days. May the land, now associated with terror and strife, become known again by the title it was then given, “The land of Saints and Scholars.”

Read more

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Peter is the Rock upon which the Church is built…

RHB_study_bibleAccording to The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible!

Strange to observe that the “Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible” teaches in its footnotes that Peter is the Rock upon which the church is built, in Matthew 16:18: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

This is most incredible indeed for this is Romish teaching. The Roman Catholic church teaches that Peter is the rock upon which the church is built and bases her doctrine of the papacy upon this teaching.
That this should be found in the “Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible” serves to show just where compromise will take us, no matter how innocuous that compromise may appear at first.

Read more (Link to article by Rev. Brian McClung on his Sound of an Alarm blog)

Some of those brethren who have given their name to this production were warned that there was danger in this venture given Joel Beeke’s record of compromise.

Did they know that the Study Bible contained this footnote and if they did, why did they go along with it since it teaches that which has historically been rejected by Protestantism?
Furthermore, if they did not know about this footnote, is there not here evidence of treachery amongst those who promoted this work and are they now going to declare themselves opposed to the inclusion of this footnote?

Ivan Foster.
12th March 2015.

Dr Paisley on who was the ‘rock’ upon which the Church was built
This quote is taken from Dr Paisley’s Concise Guide to Bible Christianity and Romanism.

Question 27: What text in Matthew’s Gospel does the Church of Rome use to support her claims for St. Peter being the first Pope?

Answer – Matthew chapter 16 and verse 18: ‘And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ The meaning of this text is obvious. Jesus having heard from the disciples the various notions which were entertained of Him, asked them: ‘But whom say ye that I am?’ and Peter, always more forward than the rest, replied: ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.’

Jesus, having pronounced him blessed, as every believer is (Psalm 32:1), said: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ Christ in addressing Peter said: ‘Thou art Peter,’ using the word ‘petros’, which signifies a stone, but in referring to the rock He used the word ‘petra’, which means properly ‘an immovable rock’. He does not say: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon thee I will build my church’, but ‘upon this Rock.’ The Rock he had confessed was Christ the Son of the living God, as though He said: ‘Thou art Peter, a living stone in this spiritual edifice, but upon this immovable foundation I will build my church.’

This is where the Free Presbyterian Church once stood united on this issue. However, Beeke’s Bible with its false and deceitful teaching on this matter sides with Rome.
Is this matter going to be silently ignored by the leadership of the Free Presbyterian Church???

It is time for men to be men and stand up for the truth of God in order to preserve the gospel heritage of our denomination.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

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Please note: Audio recordings of each message will be published after each meeting. You can listen to the series of messages here.

Audio recordings of the previous series of messages preached in 2014 can be heard here.

Subjects considered:

  • Should we study prophecy?
  • What does Christ want us to watch for?
  • Will believers know of the approach of Christ’s advent?
  • How close is Christ’s return?
  • Events preceding Christ’s return
Previous series of prophetic studies preached in Coragarry FPC, 2014.

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Why Christ stopped the devils speaking the truth

Johnny_Cash1“And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ,” Luke 4:41.

Today, there is a brand of Christianity which would deem the Saviour’s action in this verse as both wrong and unwise!

I am referring to those who believe that they can further Christ’s cause by employing the “singing” of men such as Johnny Cash. His singing is deemed popular amongst many who would make no profession of religion and because his repertoire contains that which some would consider gospel “songs”, pushing his name and songs to the fore in a “gospel” gathering is considered a wonderful way of getting unconverted souls under the gospel.

Read more

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

Part 46

Part 47

Part 48

Part 49

Part 50

Part 51

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Latest news stories

“Active abstentionists” – Adams rubbishes talk of Sinn Féin sitting in Westminster

Tom Elliott: When I called Sinn Fein scum, it was directed at murderers – (What do you call those who support and vote for murdering scum, Tom??)

Alliance Party begins battle to hold East Belfast

Northern Ireland councils prepare for the biggest change in over 40 years

Paramilitary attacks ‘have no place’ in community – Sinn Fein – (A case of the pot calling the kettle black!!)

No hot exchanges in Belfast ‘gay cake’ case

Implications of case go beyond gay marriage, bakers and Christians

Gay cake battle: Ashers give thanks, Lee says little, and judge goes away to think

Sunday football objectors drowned out by thousands of Northern Ireland fans at Windsor Park – (“But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,” Romans 2:5)


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More news

March 30

‘Gay cake’ case: Judgement is reserved at Belfast court

Windsor Park fans greeted by hymns and Commandments

Christian protesters warn Northern Ireland fans of Sunday football ‘shame’

Jim Wells’ wife ‘making slow recovery’ from two strokes

Nesbitt, Allister slam failure to move on Stormont opposition

SF welfare U-turn ‘either bad faith or inept negotiating’ – DUP

Police probe Kingsmills links with Tullyvallen attack and McCreesh

Candlelit vigil in support of ‘Fr’ Dallat, priest who is alleged to have had an affair

Fermanagh-south Tyrone is ‘staying Sinn Fein green’

SDLP’s John Coyle ‘100 per cent confident’ of victory

Has the IRA gone away or not remains unanswered

Gardaí ‘probe 40 republican abusers’

Tory MP Enoch Powell investigated as alleged member of Westminster paedophile network

Reveal what you know about fuel laundering – EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan says to SF

Firearms, ammunition and explosives found in Dundalk

Guns found in dissident republican search in County Louth

IRA victims see hope of payout dashed

IRA victims ‘betrayed’ by UK in Libya legal battle

Gaddafi and the IRA: Trail of murder stretching back to ’68

March 28

Ashers cake case has profound implications for businesses: QC

Ashers: This case is about our key democratic freedoms

Ashers: McArthurs pressed on Halloween cakes

Ashers gay cake case: ‘Before God, it was something we could not do’

Political candidate’s comparison between Ashers supporters and Nazis under fire

Enda Kenny renews calls for Ballymurphy inquiry

Police watchdog to oversee inquiry into officers’ failure to act over pervert MP

March 27

DUP silent on ‘internal party business’ after MLA quits Stormont

UDA blamed for murder and beatings

Police chief condemns loyalist attacks

Files on Kingsmill ‘will be released’ – Enda Kenny, Dublin Prime Minister

Kenny vow on Kingsmill ‘worth wait’

Irish PM Enda Kenny to meet Ballymurphy families in Belfast

Will Sinn Féin overcome effect of bad publicity?

The law is clear, and Ashers broke it: QC

‘Gay cake’ row: Gareth Lee ‘felt unworthy’ over Ashers refusal – (It is nothing to what he will feel when he meets with God’s judgment!!)

Case prompted DUP conscience bill – but SF promise to veto it

Sabbath ban now mainly confined to history books – (Don’t forget the Bible, the Book by which all men will be judged one day!!

March 26

Landmark pro-gay marriage court case begins today

Alliance party members split on Ashers bakery legal action

Councillor Andrew Muir, the first openly gay mayor in Northern Ireland, calls for mediation in Asher ‘cake’ case

Northern Ireland v Finland: Christian protests expected at Sunday football match

DUP MLA quits after Robinson ‘idiots’ jibe – (The cracks widen!!!)

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan refuses to rule out claims that the IRA is still operating in Ireland

RTÉ is ‘recruiting sergeant’ for Sinn Féin, says Dublin’s former communications minister Pat Rabbitte

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly: I got Queen’s pardon for IRA’s London bombings

Trimble: We never knew of any Royal Pardons at time of Good Friday – (What a deception the whole “power-sharing” deal has proved to be!!)

16 Irish republicans received royal pardons since 2000

On-the-runs: Victims are just pawns in the game of politics

On-the-runs: Clues and hints were there, but no one was looking – (The DUP’s hands are not clean!!)

DUP MLA clarifies criticism of Gregory Campbell’s Irish jibe – (There is a report that she supports same-sex marriage !!)

Belfast parishioners’ rally in support of affair claim priest

Cameron urged to publish OTR names

‘No cover up’ of historic abuse says Nick Clegg

MPs ‘monitored by Scotland Yard during 1990s’

Church of England appoints second woman bishop

March 25

Waterfront overflows with ‘gay cake’ bakery supporters

Hundreds at rally in support of Ashers in cake row – (They can’t bring themselves to write ‘thousands’!!)

Ashers Baking Company: Show of support for County Antrim firm’s stance in ‘gay cake’ row

Christians lament first ever NI home football game on a Sunday  (The excuse used makes the UEFA and not the Lord, the Judge in such matters!!)

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly given royal pardon during the Troubles

Jim Allister Exposes Gerry Kelly Royal Pardon – and Demands NIO Answers

Gerry Kelly: I was given Royal Pardon

Anger erupts after Gerry Kelly reveals his Royal pardon

‘Comfort letters’ giving IRA suspects immunity ‘may have been illegal’

OTR letters ‘add to our pain and hurt’

Paisley: OTR letters were Blair’s ‘dirty little deal’ – (Parallel to – “If we don’t have power-sharing with SF, we will have London/Dublin joint rule!!)

95 people with ‘On the Run’ letters are linked to 300 murders

OTR scheme used to ‘shore up’ peace process – (One of the many immoral props that were used to ‘shore up’ an evil scheme!!)

Villiers should concede OTR scheme was unlawful: victims

Peter Hain accused of ‘incomplete’ testimony in ‘on the run’ inquiry

On the runs report a ‘damning indictment’ of government

State ‘colluded over 80 murders’

IRA veteran: Republicans’ McConville jibes are shameful

March 24

RC Bishop facing backlash over handling of belfast priest accused of getting parishioner pregnant

RC & ‘Protestant’ Clergy will bless Ireland’s roads in bid to end carnage – (It’s not the roads that need the blessing!!!!)

DUP names its price for electoral deal with Tories or Labour: £1bn for Northern Ireland

Tug-of-war still goes on for ‘victims’

Mitchel McLaughlin has the perfect attributes for Speaker’s job – (Yes, he is a supporter and apologist for SF murder – that’s bound to help!!)

Gregory Campbell censured for ridiculing Irish language

Gregory Campbell barred from speaking in Assembly again after ‘yawning loudly’ when Sinn Fein MLA spoke in Irish

Hopes of new prosecutions for Brighton Bomb attack

No pardon for the guilty men of Northern Ireland

Woman’s shooting ‘barbaric’, say police

Newtownabbey: Loyalists suspected of shooting woman

‘IRA boss called us to his deathbed to apologise for our son Paul’s murder’ – Mr & Mrs Quinn.

Mairia Cahill: Gerry Adams’ credibility is at zero… he has no decency left – (He never had any to start with!!!)

UUP’s Dudgeon: I’ve experienced no DUP homophobia – (‘Silence gives consent’ they say. The DUP have also worked with their terrorist partners!!)

Robinson slams cost of Ashers gay cake case

‘Gay discrimination’ B&B owner to speak at Ashers support event

Ashers Bakery case: It’s a fundamental attack on our political and religious freedoms – (Just as sodomy is a fundamental attack on God’s order for mankind!!)

Royal family member was investigated as part of paedophile ring before cover-up, ex-cop says

Dublin’s Deputy Prime Minister rules out ‘conscience clause’ for firms opposed to marriage equality

Reports of anti-Semitic attacks ‘double in UK’

March 23

RC Church rocked by claim that Belfast priest got parishioner pregnant

Ex-Provo accuses Sinn Fein of covering up priest’s abuse – (What a cupboard full of skeletons {real and metaphorical} SF/IRA has!!)

Councillor Brendan Curran accuses Sinn Fein of abuse cover-up – (Will there ever be enough evidence of SF/IRA corruption for the DUP to withdraw from coalition with them??)

Gerry Adams accused by shot man’s sister in RTE documentary

Angry Protest Over Roman Catholic bishop, Juan Barros, becoming new Bishop in Chile – he is accused of complicity in a notorious case of clerical sexual abuse

‘The IRA have been protecting the man who shot my father for 30 years’

Police target six key IRA suspects

How the ‘On The Run’ letters left the IRA’s victims feeling betrayed

Above The Law: paramilitary ‘punishment’ attacks in Northern Ireland

Sinn Fein has shown it is not fit to govern – and here’s the reason why

Election debates: DUP says NI omission is ‘outrageous’

Traveller (gypsy) gang vows to get revenge after INLA thugs steal €28,000 worth of cocaine

Intolerance of the Ashers case won’t further tolerance – (Why doesn’t the Equality Commission take the Stormont Executive to court since it refuses to endorse same sex marriage!!)

Poll shows overwhelming support for ‘gay cake’ row bakery

Cake row is just a recipe for another legal disaster

March 21

DUP defends funding for republican and loyalist terrorist ex-paramilitary groups

The UUP’s Tom Elliott ‘confident’ of beating SF’s Gildernew in election

Concerns over PSNI ‘talks’ with Dublin on Kingsmills IRA suspects

War of words (between SF & DUP) erupts over Easter Rising centenary

Easter Rising 1916: DUP criticise plan for Belfast parade

Dire consequences if Tories win – McGuinness

McGuinness rejects Goldman Sachs claim that Sinn Féin is a threat to economy

This sends out the message that being on welfare pays

Dissidents ‘tried four times to detonate bomb at school’

Pagan priest hits back after Temple criticism

Diversity can enrich each of us – (This is the thinking of the buffoons who reject the Bible!!)

It’s the end of the road: the Irish language is coming to a full stop

Man arrested in Ardboe, Co Tyrone, as diesel plant found

March 20

US State Department refuses to be drawn on Adams criticism

Dublin’s deputy prime minister, Joan Burton: Handling of republican sex abuse claims of great concern in US

Sinn Fein in sex abuse crisis are just like the Catholic Church

DUP seeks Biden apology over ‘Orange’ St Patrick’s Day joke

DUP knows it holds aces in Westminster

Analysis: Great deal for the DUP, but Nesbitt could still be a winner

DUP: We’d rather sink pensions scheme than see terrorists get cash

Tunisia rampage raises new fears about reach of Islamic State groups


March 19

Unionist election pact: Winning a seat is not quite as simple as adding two sets of voters together

Gerry Adams is the ultimate OTR who’s fleeing from truth

Sinn Féin does not seem to see difference between truth and lies

Why Gerry Adams is reviled at home but revered abroad

Niece of German IRA victim pleads with Barack Obama to keep distance from Sinn Fein

Bryson guilty of unlawful public processions

Union flag protestor convicted for role in illegal public processions

St Patrick’s celebration now a true cross-community event – (Such deceit! Event was bedecked with republican symbols and the burning of the Union flag!!)

Burning of wooden Temple in Derry ‘a pagan practice’, says minister

March 18

Northern Ireland unionist parties agree pact as they seek more seats in May

Election 2015: DUP and UUP agree pact in four constituencies

DUP and UUP seal election pact for East Belfast, Fermanagh and South Tyrone, North Belfast Newry and Armagh

US Vice President Joe Biden to Enda Kenny: ‘If you’re wearing orange, you’re not welcome in here’ – (Ulster Protestants have sensed that for some time. The poor man, a Roman Catholic, is a bigot and an idiot!!)

Orange alert as gaffe-prone Joe Biden gets egg on his face (The orange yoke!)

Gerry Adams snubbed by US Government officials on St Patrick’s Day visit to Washington

US government U-turn on Adams meeting

St Patrick’s Day: Union flag burned by revellers at Belfast City Hall amid loyalist protest – (Indicative of the spirit of these ‘celebrations’ !!)

SF’s failure to back ISIS motion condemned – (Birds of a feather etc. . . . !!)

Gerry O’Carroll: Sex abuse scandal shows us how Sinn Fein would govern if (southern) voters elect them

Morally dead SF unfit for power – (North and South – take note DUP!!)

Some NI Catholics ‘questioning their nationalism and considering DUP’

Hundreds of punishment-style shootings – but not one conviction

Officer Who Questioned Cyril Smith Says He Could Have Brought Down Government

Judges dismissed after watching pornography on court computers

Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates surprise electoral landslide in Israel

March 17

Australian RC archbishop charged with concealing child abuse

Victims’ Dublin march off after Irish pledge on IRA files

London’s Metropolitan Police probed over child abuse ‘cover-up’ claims

Undercover elite child sex abuse investigation ‘scrapped by police commanders’

Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry ‘scrapped after his arrest’ – (What corruption there is at the heart of Westminster society!!)

Adams’ meeting with US Government cancelled over welfare impasse

Gerry Adams left red-faced after snub by US officials

Adams’ cancelled meeting ‘bizarre’

Adams criticises US State Department over refusal to meet him – (Despite SF’s denials, he has been snubbed!!)

US State Department official to meet Gerry Adams – (The Kennedy clique have been pulling strings for their Irish buddies no doubt!!!)

Sinn Fein double standards exposed

No more cash should go to appeasing Sinn Fein on welfare

Former UDA terrorist admits abusing girls

March 16

‘New Yorker’ claims Adams behind bombs

Gerry Adams dodges the real issues with his cryptic responses over IRA abuse claims?

‘Gerry Adams has more skeletons than the Titanic’

Obama signals he is unhappy with turmoil in the North

Prominent Dublin SF figure linked to fresh abuse claims, secret report says

Padraic Wilson (an IRA ‘judge’) held power ‘over life and death of IRA volunteers if they transgressed’

Paudie McGahon’s IRA abuser raped boy in Dublin – (May God bring down the network of evil that SF/IRA is!)

Sinn Féin are bringing in the lawyers over alleged abuse investigations

ANALYSIS: What did Gerry Adams know about multiple instances of child abuse?

Eoghan Harris: Paudie puts Spotlight on Sinn Fein’s cult side

SF more concerned with votes than the vulnerable: Ford

Ronan Fanning: Rooted in the North, SF isn’t fit for office in Republic – (Or anywhere else for that matter!!)

Sinn Fein ‘will ruin Ireland’ warns Fine Gael TD Simon Harris – (Given the support that Irish Roman Catholicism has given to SF from its outset, it is what it deserves!!)

‘Eucharistic famine’ fear over future of priesthood in Ireland

Welfare delays ‘cost £2m a week in fines’ off block grant

March 13

Where the Bodies Are Buried – (Revealing article on Gerry Adams in the ‘New Yorker’ magazine)

End mandatory coalition which ensures nationalist power: Ukip

DUP Committed to Failed Government at Stormont

Sinn Fein ‘shameless’ for backing massive anti-austerity protests

For governing parties to join this strike is a disgrace to democracy

Band resigns after speech to SF conference

Taoiseach calls on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to ‘present himself’ to gardai with IRA sex abuse information

Taoiseach Enda Kenny says Gerry Adams ‘well aware of abuse’

IRA sex abuse: Enda Kenny calls on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to “present himself” to police over party knowledge of IRA sex abuse

Sinn Fein member of Dublin parliament, Aengus Ó Snodaigh says abuse claims will ‘weigh heavily’ with voters

Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald insists she would have told gardaí of IRA rape allegations

Sinn Féin casts a dark shadow over Irish democracy

SF says it’s fit to govern but recent events suggest otherwise

Fintan O’Toole: On a wing and a prayer – how the IRA and the church banished abusers

March 12

Paedophile priest to be sentenced on new charges

Sinn Fein MP Molloy ‘must apologise in person to McGahon over offensive tweet’

Sinn Féin and IRA investigated 100 cases of abuse, Dublin Minister says

Child sex abuse victims must not be collateral damage

The gaps in Adams’ story

SF members are trying to blur the truth about cover-up – McGahon

Just how many more skeletons will emerge from the Sinn Féin closet?

Former loyalist paramilitary admits historic abuse charges – (Another gangster who felt himself above the law!)

Failure to resolve welfare reform row ‘will leave £500m Budget black hole’

Martin McGuinness: Key papers were withheld from us and welfare figures deliberately inflated

‘Sinn Fein wants to show Northern Ireland is a failed political entity by bringing chaos over welfare reform’

Eamonn McCann: Union protests pushed Sinn Féin to pull out of agreement – (Most of the unions are led by Romanists!)

‘Whitewash’ fears over MPs’ On The Run report

March 11

Top Irish American politicians slam Cardinal Dolan on IRA /ISIS linkage

Gerry Adams ‘knew about rape of Paudie McGahon but did not report it’, it is claimed

Ex-SF TD says McGahon told him of IRA inquiry on rape claim

Arthur Morgan releases letter he wrote to Paudie McGahon

Paudie McGahon: Police prepare ‘IRA rape’ claim file

At least 60 people were abused by Provos, claims Mairia Cahill – (You’re not counting those murdered, bombed, robbed and terrorised etc, Mairia!!!!)

Sinn Fein MP Francie Molloy apologises for tweet about ‘rubbish’ IRA abuse claims

Sinn Féin MP apologises after tweet describing abuse allegation as ‘rubbish’

Exclusive: ‘Sinn Fein describing my abuse as “rubbish” is very hurtful’ – Paudie McGahon – (This man’s family home was an IRA ‘safe house – Galatians 6:7)

Mairia Cahill calls on Sinn Fein MP to resign after ‘disgusting’ tweet – (Likely!!)

IRA rapist ‘from top Republican family’

Smuggling ignored to keep paramilitaries sweet: McCrea

Mass goers in Donegal walk out after priest criticises GAA star for backing ‘Yes’ on same sex marriage

Celtic statue row: TUV man blasts ‘false gods and pagans’

US envoy Gary Hart urges Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness to settle crisis

SF welfare dossier fails to prove its key claim – (Like all their claims from day one over 40 years ago!!!)

IRA killer’s day out of prison for St Patrick’s Day is a sick joke, says widow

Outrage over day release application by murderer

Police are not to blame for tiresome jihadi schoolgirls saga, says Leo McKinstry – (Few seem prepared to take responsibility for their wrongdoing today!!)

March 10

Stormont crisis: Why did Sinn Fein decide to vote against Welfare Bill?

DUP welfare reform plans handed over to Sinn Fein by mistake, claims Gerry Adams

Peter Robinson: This is a blatant U-turn, Sinn Fein have gone back on their word

Peter Robinson: Stop the lies, Sinn Fein. Time to prove your claims

Cuts to pay for SF’s welfare fund see disabled services axed

Sinn Fein U-turn on deal returns Stormont to the brink

A cynical change of heart pours scorn on their claims to be party of government

Sinn Féin once again deploys weapons of mass distraction

SF ‘orchestrated’ crisis in North as a distraction – Dublin Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton

Roman Catholic bishop Kevin Doran claims gay couples with children ‘are not parents’

Dublin Prime Minister Enda Kenny vows action for IRA abuse victims

IRA abuse claims: There are many more sex victims like Paudie, Mairia Cahill tells Sinn Fein

Paudie McGahon: Gerry Adams says he believes ‘IRA rape victim’

‘I cannot investigate, I will not investigate’ – Gerry Adams refuses to say whether he could locate alleged McGahon abuser

Micheal Martin tells Dail: ‘Gerry Adams is a former chief of staff of the IRA’ – (Which makes him a liar and a murderer!!)

March 9

Sinn Féin blocks welfare bill in Northern Ireland Assembly

Last-minute Sinn Fein U-turn as party blocks welfare reform

Northern Ireland devolution could be derailed by row over welfare reform

Welfare reform: Westminster will not provide extra money says minister

Sinn Fein to oppose welfare bill: Peter Robinson slams Martin McGuinness’ statement as ‘dishonourable and ham-fisted’

Welfare reform: How did Sinn Féin lose faith in Stormont House deal?

Sinn Fein seems to have little interest in a stable Province – (Don’t you know that it is only interested in a DESTROYED Northern Ireland !!!????)

Sinn Fein can be biggest party in Ireland north and south of border by next year, says Gerry Adams – (“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall,” Proverbs 16:18.)

Unionists need to stop squabbling, and start taking Sinn Fein seriously

How I was raped by an IRA man and faced a kangaroo court

Niece cries out for justice for German woman killed by IRA

March 8

James Molyneaux: Former UUP leader dies

James Molyneaux: Former UUP leader dies age 94

Sinn Fein ard fheis: Presbyterian minister got standing ovation

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis: Party votes to allow limited abortion – (Please read an examination of this issue here)

Adams speech was a ‘clear attack’ on sex abuse victims: abuse victim Mairia Cahill

Sinn Féin received more than €5m from State since 2011

Money from America helps rewrite Sinn Fein story – (‘Whitewash’ would be a better word!!)

Niece of German IRA victim to speak at Stormont

Barney McGinley wedding killing: Second relative charged with murder

Warning bands will exit forum over address to Sinn Fein ard fheis – (These bandsmen ‘should catch themselves on’!!!)

Apologise for IRA/Isis comments, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told

DUP is divided by plans to discipline whistleblower Jenny Palmer

No more hugs and handshakes as DUP ‘family’ threatens to implode

Reported in the News Letter on March 7, 1957: Officer injured in gun battle as IRA attacks Fermanagh police station again

Sodomite man considers suing firm who refused to print wedding invites

Thatcher ‘Turned Blind Eye’ To Paedophile MPs

Margaret Thatcher ‘knew of Cyril Smith abuse and Cabinet Office covered up information’

Police search home of Lord Bramall (former chief of the defence staff) as part of paedophile sex abuse inquiry

Getting married before having children ‘boosts chances of staying together’ – study

March 7

Cardinal faces backlash after comparing IRA to Islamic State terrorist group – (Why was Adams, McGuinness & Co never excommunicated by Cardinal’s church???)

Islamic state and IRA terror differ only in scale, says DUP MP – (And yet he went into a coalition with them – what hypocrisy!)

‘There is no difference in beheading or shooting’

Parallels can’t be drawn in terms of their brutality between IS and IRA, says father of Warrington bomb – (Poor foolish man!)

Military man disagrees with cardinal on IRA-Catholic link

Sodomite considers suing firm who refused to print wedding invites

Gerry Adams ‘wrong about Paul Quinn murder’ say family – (A polite way of calling him a liar!)

Sinn Féin will not join in any Government it cannot fully dominate – (Stormont is proof of that!!)

Sinn Fein votes that no member of royal family should be invited to 1916 commemorations

DUP whistleblower Jenny Palmer was promised apology… now she faces party expulsion

Jim Allister Challenges £275K Golden Handshake for New Education and Skills Authority Chief

March 6

Travers welcomes IS and IRA comparison

‘Christian firm’ in Irish Republic refuses to print gay couple’s invitations

Printers stick by gay invite snub

Glenkeen shooting: Two men are shot in the legs in Poleglass

BBC Trust rejects DUP’s appeal to be included in TV election debates

Power-sharing critics should eat their words: Paisley – (The Lord will have the final say on power-sharing with murderers!!)

The movie stars who gave money to Sinn Féin

Sinn Fein face probe over $12m donations from USA

Party has more money flowing in than most other Northern parties combined

SF MPs ‘elected not to take seats’ – Adams

March 5

Mid Ulster SDLP councillors defend ban on selling poppies – (On such issues they stand beside Sinn Fein/IRA!)

Unionists oppose use of ‘Irish first’ on new Mid Ulster District Council logo – (Irish is not the ‘first’ language of 99% of Roman Catholics!!)

Young ‘targeted by paramilitaries’

Disadvantaged youths disillusioned with peace process being ‘targeted by paramilitaries’

Sinn Féin raised $12 million in the United States

What exactly is Sinn Féin’s policy on abortion?

Church of Ireland split over gay rights and DUP’s conscience clause Bill – (That’s because of the C of I ‘split’ from the Bible a long time ago!!)

No prosecutions in recent years over illegal dumping of fuel waste – (By republicans, let it be said!!!)

Islamic State are religious perverts, just like IRA: Catholic cardinal – (Stand back and wait for the explosion!!!)

Stormont to turn green and orange for St Patrick’s Day and 12 July – (The rest of the time it ought to be just plain ‘yellow’!!!)

March 4

UUP proposes law to prohibit tributes to terrorists

Councillors fail to resolve the issue of renaming of Newry play park

McCreesh name should stay – family – (Typical republican intransigence)

Remembrance Day poppy sales banned (by republicans) at new Mid Ulster super-council

Poppy ban by Mid Ulster council slammed by war veterans

Senior loyalists: We couldn’t have sold ’94 ceasefire if we knew what we know now – (Had you listened to the warnings you would have known!!!)

‘We’re being hunted like dogs while Provos get their letters of comfort’

Belfast council row over £300,00 for ex-prisoner (paramilitary) groups

Sinn Féin TD, Peadar Tóibín will not back abortion motion at Sinn Fein ardfheis

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald: I will be backing abortion motion – (Killing comes easy to Sinn Fein/IRA)

Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald backs change to abortion law

‘I will parade in Dublin to protest at one-sided probes’ – daughter of Enniskillen poppy bomb victim

Amnesty International ‘fails to shine spotlight on Dublin’ – (It always was a pro-republican organisation!)

ENGLAND – Man admits mugging frail OAP Stanley Evans for £5

March 3

Loyalist Bands Forum to attend Sinn Fein Ard Fhéis – (No comment is possible!!!)

Naomi Long’s hold on East Belfast may be more secure than unionists expect

Beast in the East’ running enterprise of ‘protection’, drugs and fake cigarettes

Loyalists are just criminals, but republicanism is a cult of fascists

Belfast parade tribute to soldiers killed in IRA bombing – Fred Starrett and James Cummings honoured

VIDEO: SDLP supports consultation on banning terror names

Raymond McCreesh Park: Newry Sinn Féin councillors reject fresh vote

Birmingham bomb families to press Home Secretary Theresa May for new inquest

Birmingham pub bombings: Police condemned over delay in deciding what to do over book by former IRA intelligence chief

Tánaiste Joan Burton calls out Gerry Adams for one-to-one policy debate

SF Stormont Speaker McLaughlin accepts Commonwealth Parliamentary Association presidency

March 2

Discrimination against Christians ‘ignored’ across Europe – MPs

Dublin Government minister, Alan Kelly warns Northern Ireland over Provisional Republican fuel crooks

Newry and Armagh MLA Danny Kennedy rubbishes Adams’ denial of republican criminality

We are still counting the cost of €2bn price of peace – The Provisional IRA has one of the most lucrative terrorist funding operations ever seen

How Sinn Fein machine makes €4m-plus a year – (It is the Irish Mafia – Just how do Christians in the DUP justify such an alliance??)

Sinn Fein makes £3m a year for election machine

DUP retaining Brimstone to protect others, says ex-Spad

‘I probably would have been killed if I had spoken sooner’ – Mairia Cahill

They talk of youth, but old men still lead Sinn Fein

Tom Elliott calls for ban on naming facilities after people convicted of terror offences

Dublin Academic saw folly of teaching Irish in schools

300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs, report finds

February 28

‘Border regions losing faith in PSNI’ – Conor Murphy – (Since when did ‘Bandit Country’ ever have faith in the police????)

Booby-trap poster bomb victim Francis McCabe is stable in hospital – (Which is more than could be said for the hundreds of SF/IRA victims over the years!!)

Crossmaglen: Police appeal after Frank McCabe Jr injured in bomb

Alleged CIRA members were plotting policing board attacks, Belfast court hears

Don’t be fooled by the words, always judge Sinn Fein by their actions – (The same goes for the DUP!!!)

‘Jihadi John’ Emwazi’s Old Schoolmate: ‘He Was Like Any Of Us’ – (Really !!!!!!)

Gritter lorry driver attacked by masked gang after refusing to take suspected bomb to Derry police station

Northern Ireland police win latest round in battle to hear Boston College tapes

Victims demand SDLP leader, Alasdair McDonnell meeting over McCreesh play park

Sinn Féin government would involve ‘rule of fear’ – (Let the DUP take note!!)

40 million items a year under free prescriptions in Northern Ireland – (It wouldn’t be hard to guess where the majority of them went!!)

Boris Nemtsov: ‘I’m afraid Putin will kill me,’ politician said weeks before being shot dead


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