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Ivan Foster is a recently retired minister in the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Until November 2009 he was minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church. He continues to preach and write as the Lord gives opportunity.
Ivan has written 447 articles so far, you can find them below.

October 2012

I dare call it murder

“Today, a group of Free Presbyterians supported a protest organised by the Government & Morals Committee of the Presbytery against the recent opening of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic. The opening of the clinic is seen by many in Northern Ireland as an attempt to subvert the law on abortion in Northern Ireland and introduce “abortion on demand”.

In 1984, Rev Ivan Foster, Free Presbyterian minister in Kilskeery and member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, introduced a motion in the Assembly which read: ‘I propose: That this Assembly opposes the extension of the Abortion Act 1967, or any like legislation, to Northern Ireland.’

The motion was supported and passed. Only one member of the Assembly voted against it. He was Alliance member for East Belfast, Mr. Addie Morrow, Alliance politician.

What was said by Rev Foster in opposition to abortion in 1984 is still relevant over 28 years later. Read the speech, “I dare call it murder”, here.


Ruled over by those who hate us

I was caused to think on these things by the ongoing controversy surrounding proposals for the future of education in Northern Ireland. The proposals come from the DUP/SF power-sharing camp. It would be most surprising, indeed impossible, for anything to come from such a political alliance which was truly for the good of the Protestant people of Ulster. Sinn Fein might rightly be termed those who have “hated” the Protestant majority in Ulster. They proved their hatred in the past by mounting a 30-year terror campaign in which they slaughtered hundreds of innocent Protestant people and many, many Roman Catholics whom they deemed to have gotten in their way. Read more…

A message for this day for all Free Presbyterians

The Westminster divines and the Millennial Reign of Christ

The story is told of a minister who sought to engage his esteemed colleague Dr William Cunningham in conversation about the Premillennial return of Christ to this earth. Seeking to obtain from Dr. Cunningham a verdict on what he thought of these end time views he received an interesting reply. Dr Cunningham said that: He saw nothing to alarm or repel in views which were entertained by some of the soundest among the Westminster divines, but that, for himself, he had not as yet had leisure to look into the matter.

Here is undeniable evidence that there were amongst the Westminster Divines those who were pre-millennial, post-tribulationists – something denied by opponents of this Bible truth.

Dr William Twisse, a premillennialist, was Prolocutor of the Westminster Assembly until his death.

Selected news stories

Gay marriage: could cost the party four million votes from Christians at the ballot box

More Questions Over Sinn Fein Ministerial Appointments

Two (more) British soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan

Two British soldiers killed in ‘green on blue’ Afghanistan attack

Top Catholic cleric calls for prisoners to be treated with ‘kindness and respect’

DUP/Sinn Fein rows just sham fighting – Elliott

Sinn Fein propaganda fooling no one

Orange Order confirm meeting with McGuinness

Robinson calls on Adams to admit IRA membership

John Larkin abortion views ‘sound’ says pro-life MLA Jim Wells

Free Presbyterian Church not impressed by clinic’s assurances

Britain ‘shackled to corpse’ of EU, says Douglas Carswell

Martin McGuinness holds first talks with Orange Order (man who led terrorist murder campaign reproves misbehaving bandsmen)

Anti-abortion protests continue outside clinic

Sinn Féin chairman calls on unionists to share power

Sinn Fein: DUP needs to grow up

Government downgrades IRA security threat but warns international terrorism risk to Britain remains high

No parity of esteem for the pro-Union community. That has to stop, says Kate Hoey

Northern Ireland soldier medic killed in Afghanistan

NI soldier killed in Afghanistan from Comber

Quarter of diesel sold in NI illegal

Antrim mother’s horror over sex assault on children by boys aged eight and nine

Boston tapes won’t amount to a hill of beans in court

Orange Order unveils new website

NI men held over huge laundering plant

‘Number 10 link to paedophile ring’Survey on cross-border education (SF pushing the united Ireland agenda!!)

MP wants North-South machine tuned up

Janette Nelson says Newtownards attacks devastated children

BBC on the ropes as Jimmy Savile scandal leads Entwistle to investigate up to 10 staff past and present

Best thing Paisley ever did was say yes – DUP MLA

Anti-terror police search Willie Frazer

Memorial to victims of Kingsmill atrocity

Astonishment as legal chief wades into abortion row

Poots ‘aware of abortion clinic in January’

Former UUP man switches to TUV

Jimmy Savile: Newsnight producer is nephew of abuse school headmistress

Jimmy Savile IRA terror gang threat claim to be investigated

Mary McAleese hits out at culture of silence behind child sex abuse scandals in Catholic Church

John Larkin abortion comments totally wrong – Sinn Fein

Police Ombudsman investigation into UVF collusion claims

George Osborne: I will vote in favour of gay marriage

Sinn Fein insists Adams still popular despite poll drop

Sinn Fein will struggle to reach a higher gear

City street a ‘no-go area for Protestants’

Sinn Fein mayor helps Apprentice Boys launch £3m visitor centre plan

Smithwick Tribunal: Senior gardai ‘passed information to IRA’

Smithwick Shines A Light Into Provo Secrets

Ratio of Catholics in Ireland lowest in 50 years as people with ‘no religion’ up 400%

Stormont child abuse inquiry to date from 1922

Jimmy Savile: police launch criminal investigation after victims claim some abusers are still alive

US court blocks handover of secret IRA tapes

Thatcher has not forgiven the IRA

Border Protestants bring burden to Dublin

Smithwick Tribunal: PSNI ‘collusion’ intelligence to be heard

NI Economy in Crisis

Belfast abortion clinic may exploit and break the law, claims opponent

Ministers for Victims Snub IRA Victims

The Case Against an Education and Skills Authority

Gerry Adams calls for dialogue on united Ireland in light of deal to hold referendum on Scottish independence

Covert tapes reveal dissident plans to kill police, court told

Northern Ireland murder victim’s brother under death threat

MLA spells out fears on schools

Belfast abortion clinic mass protest planned

Enda Kenny ‘united Ireland’ remark ignites DUP fury

Head of Catholic Church in Ireland Brady to be replaced by Vatican in wake of abuse scandal

Jim Allister keeps the pressure on Abortion Clinic

Churches and chapels in Wales ‘may unite’

Challenge to Catholic Church to end silence on Dunloy find

Methodists should apologise for apology

Placing trust in unionists?

Sir Jimmy Savile: new allegations presenter abused sick children

Marie Stopes private abortion clinic to open in Belfast

Outrage at new abortion clinic in NI

Anti-abortion groups vent fury over Belfast clinic move by Marie Stopes

No Place for Marie Stopes in Northern Ireland‏

Sandy Row to be Denied Fair Share of £3 million Boxing Fund

Man denied post at Northern Ireland Water because he was a Protestant could get £350k payout

Papal Knight Jimmy Savile’s headstone broken up and sent to landfill

Jimmy Savile abuse claims: Police pursue 120 lines of inquiry

Sir Jimmy Savile was a ‘predatory sex offender’, police say

William Hague: Conservative support for gay marriage reflects ‘generational change’ in society

Protestants no longer the majority in US, study says

IRA hunger strike commemoration parade sparks call for a ban on replica guns

IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour ‘abandoned’ by MI5

Tory conference: Activist anger over gay marriage

A RC bishop rejects allegations that a paedophile priest confessed to him in jail to the continued abuse of children

Conservative Party conference 2012: new right to attack burglars

Stormont facing Freedom of Information legal battle

Police ‘laying siege to journalism’ over claim Gerry Adams ordered killing

If you’re going to tackle Adams over the IRA, do it properly

Mortar found in city similar to type used by Provisionals

Petition for Union Flag at City Hall

McConville probe police seek copies of Price interviews

‘Panorama’ claims Irish State overcharged UK by €125m for medical care here

‘Irish hatred for Israel is embodied by Gerry Adams’ claims journalist

Patients starve and die of thirst on hospital wards

Cameron should drop gay-marriage

Why thousands are leaving Orange Order

The dark truth about Papal knight, Jimmy Savile.

Defused bomb ‘intended to murder’

Bomb close to elderly woman’s home

Ardoyne bomb was ‘mortar type’ device

Critics ‘using row to attack RUC’

The real test of One Nation ideology is Northern Ireland

Former Irish Justice Minister, Michael McDowell turns up heat on Gerry Adams in IRA army council row

National Trust amends Causeway centre ‘Creationist’ exhibit in order to placate anti-God lobby

Causeway display amended after creationist debate

Jury fails to reach a verdict in trial of priest accused of abuse

Ken Maginnis quits Ulster Unionist Party

Former IRA man Anthony McIntyre loses Dolours Price case

Same-sex marriage motion defeated in Stormont

Opposing Same Sex “Marriage”

New pressure for Adams as Kenny says: ‘He was in IRA’

Gerry Adams was on IRA army council, says Irish PM

Papal Nuncio lobbied on behalf of IRA members

McCallister sacked as UUP deputy leader over unionist unity speech

Nesbitt sacks deputy McCallister

Presbyterian Church states gay marriage opposition in MLAs letter

Fury over Absent Flag at Stormont

September 2012

Fighting to stay British: The strange history of the Ulster Covenant

This is a story originally published on the BBCNI website.

The question of killing the unborn

A consideration of a vexed subject current in the Northern Ireland.

Selected news stories

TUV Leader’s Covenant Centenary Message

Victims campaigner Willie Frazer: ‘I will run for Mid-Ulster MP seat

Adams rejects Dolours Price claims over IRA

Adams says IRA allegations against him ‘deeply hurtful’

High-profile support for Sandy Row boxers

Labour leader, Ed Miliband announces support for gay marriage in church

Top judge reveals fury over extradition delays like Abu Hamza

Sandy Row mainly Protestant boxing club ‘ostracised’, MLAs are told

Alliance sides with Sinn Fein on Allister bill

Maginnis in broadside at gay ‘award’

Kenny turns up heat on Adams

Orange Order changes policy on talking to residents’ groups

Stormont institutional child abuse inquiry into the extent of child abuse in the Roman Catholic church begins in October

Former hunger striker says SF will stop Allister’s special adviser move

Let us remember the dead of the RUC

Commentators reveal their fears on Irish government collusion

Peace broker praises Paisley (but not so sure about Al Qaeda in a power-sharing arrangement in USA !!)

All-Ireland children’s heart unit our only option: Edwin Poots

Victim who claims she was abused by Catholic priest as a child told a court she faced the choice of reporting him to the police or killing herself

Gerry Adams ‘hiding in Dail’ to avoid questions on Jean McConville

Priest accused of abusing girl in the 1980s

IRA bomber says Adams ordered terror attacks on London targets

IRA bomber says Gerry Adams sanctioned mainland bombing campaign

Adams rejects claim he sanctioned 1973 Old Bailey bombing

‘Republicanism is part of our DNA’, says IRA bomber Dolours Price

Majority opposed to same sex marriage says DUP Councillor

Why no public holiday for Covenant Centenary?

Smithwick Tribunal hears significant new evidence

Smithwick Tribunal receives new intelligence

Adams left on ropes as Michael Martin levels IRA accusation

DUP minister Nelson McCausland facing no confidence motion over parades stance

Kingsmills’ Massacre ‘was purely sectarian’

Robinson Refuses to Condemn McGuinness Involvement in IRA Terror Fest

Assembly motion calls for Irish government apology

No Government apology for IRA, says Adams

Hundreds of patients dying of thirst in Britain’s hospitals

Dublin’s role needs further scrutiny says historian

‘Mr Big’ watched hit on Ryan

Ex-Irish minister admits PIRA assistance

Garda/IRA Collusion inquiry findings due next month

Bishop sorry for describing paedophilia as ‘friendship’

Did Dublin help create the Provos? – the facts say ‘YES’

News letter’s 275th birthday – the oldest continuously published newspaper title in the world

After a delay, Stormont last night revealed the political links of five men appointed to oversee the redevelopment of the Maze prison site

Sharia marriages for girls of 12 and the religious courts subverting British law

Taoiseach meeting was a disappointment: Kingsmills families

Hundreds unite in Maze protest

Taoiseach meeting disappoints Kingsmills families

SDLP fails so far to censure Nelson McCausland

Families of Kingsmills victims seek apology

McConville family call for arrest of SF leader Adams

IRA vicitm’s family want Gerry Adams questioned if US tapes released

Garda under pressure over RIRA funeral in Dublin

OFMDFM was wrong on appointments: watchdog

The DUP’s full role in Red Sky row revealed

BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam says veteran of the BBC

Nick Clegg’s office attempts to withdraw ‘bigot’ comment about opponents of gay marriage

Assembly snubbed over Maze announcement, claims Allister

Would Carson back Stormont of 2012?

One approach for Ground Zero, another for the Maze

McGuinness ‘relaxed’ over Maze DUP chair

DUP man ‘honoured’ to head up Maze body

The story of the Maze – What Sinn Fein wants, Sinn Fein gets

SDLP leader accuses DUP’s Nelson McCausland of breaching code of office

Gardai vow crackdown after Alan Ryan Real IRA funeral

Free Presbyterians elect new moderator

Gardai confident of arresting dissidents behind gun salute

Families of IRA victims to hold Taoiseach talks

Right-to-die support from new Health Minister, Anna Soubry

The spiritual life of Lord Carson

Parish priest in court over alleged £145k diocese fraud

Hundreds of republican dissidents to attend Ryan funeral in Dublin

Suspect is held over murder of RIRA man

Bishop refuses to quit over paedophile comments

Northern Ireland peace process is at risk, claims Martin McGuinness

DUP helped light fuse… now they must put it out

George Robinson MLA challenges SF over events at Dungiven

Royal Black Institution apology to St Patrick’s Church over march

Black Institution apology to parishioners

Nelson McCausland faces storm over parade lawlessness

Returning to Rejected DUP – SF Proposals Isn’t the Way Forward on Parading

Real IRA figure gunned down

Real IRA leader terrorist shot dead in street by likely hired hitman say Gardai

Ex-MLA slams Alliance gay vote

‘Gay vote will test Alliance unity’

62 police officers injured during two nights of violence in Belfast

Archbishop Tutu: Try Blair for war crimes

Vatican is rocked by Cardinal Martini’s damning words from beyond the grave – (Where now Papal Infallibility ???)

Alliance Party votes to back gay marriage

Creationist Bible group and its web of influence at Stormont

August 2012

Carrying the torch for burning spiritual beliefs

This report appeared in the “Irish Times” on August 6th and is of the Free Presbyterian young people’s witness in London during the Olympic games. The Dublin newspaper has given a very fair report only it will be recognised that Dr Pollock is not in the habit of referring to “luck” as having any place in the outworking of God’s sovereign purpose!!

Some thoughts on an inter-church musical event in Penticton.

Rev. Andy Foster was invited to participate in an inter-church musical outreach event in Penticton. His refusal to join in was not well received by the representative of the local Pentecostal church who gave the invitation. This short article comments on some of the arguments commonly used in defence of such ecumenical events.

Samson: Ulster Protestantism’s plight illustrated

This sermon was preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on August 2nd 1998 and published in this printed form in “The Burning Bush” that same month. Fourteen years have passed by since then but what was said back then is still very relevant today. If anything, it is even more relevant!

Selected news stories

Maginnis claims ‘vast support’

Former mayor is back in party fold

‘Shameful disrespect for Maginnins exposes Nesbitt’s flaws’

Fall of Maginnis leaves UUP leader Nesbitt exposed

Victims’ group to meet Taoiseach over Republic’s role in Troubles

Police ‘could have solved Narrow Water’

Ken Maginnis quits Ulster Unionists in row over gay marriage comments

Maginnis quits UUP, tells Nesbitt to resign

Allister Challenges Parades Commission on Sinn Fein Parade

Warning over Boston tapes; Testimonies could be used to destabilise peace process: McGuinness

DUP’s Jim Wells: Abortion should be ruled out for rape victims

Call for clarity after DUP man’s ‘make homosexuality illegal’ comments

New legal bid to block release of Boston tapes

Task force call as Church of Ireland funds drop £9.5m

Papal Nuncio calls for ‘authentic’ faith in Ireland (Faithful must embrace even more tightly the religion which has blighted the lives of tens of thousands of children !!!)

Ireland’s papal nuncio calls for the adoption of ‘authentic’ Catholicism

NI bucks the national trend in GCSE exam results

Irish RC bishops may be planning ‘priestless parishes’

US ruling means Vatican not liable over paedophile priest

‘Violent’ preacher refused visa ahead of Portadown talk

‘Hate campaign’ against Protestant boxers

Jim Allister Welcomes Belated Investigation into Sandy Row Boxing Club Concerns

Ulster Unionist Councillor regrets gay ‘disease’ term

A reading from the gospel according to Gerry Adams

Church of Ireland cleric defies God and backs sodomite marriage

Gay marriage costs Tories support in the pews, poll shows

No member of Sinn Fein makes a public statement until the contents has been approved by the leadership

How truth is still a casualty in dirty war

Why Gerry, or Martin, can’t admit to having been in the IRA

So, is it true that the IRA has not really gone away?

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams absent from one in four Dail days

The case against Europe: MEP Daniel Hannan reveals the disturbing contempt for democracy at the heart of the EU

New rogue garda claim is hammer blow to inquiry

Ulster abortion figures concern

Kids dressed as IRA terrorists

If England and Wales had 143 abortions to save the Mum’s life in 43 years how has NI managed 79 per annum over the past 5 years?

The end of Catholic Ireland

Downing St: longer Sunday opening hours could stay

‘We feel let down by our politicians’ – IRA victims speak out

George Galloway brands Iris Robinson and DUP hypocrites

Unionism ‘forced’ to share power – McDonnell -SDLP Leader

Is Irish Catholicism dead?

The divide in Ireland is not one between various faiths — but between religion itself and secularism

Top expert warns Northern Ireland economy is facing meltdown – (The DUP promised an economic utopia as a result of their deal with Sinn Fein/IRA and the “peace” that would follow. What fools Ulster Protestants were to believe them !!)

SDLP scorn for ‘Soviet-style’ SF

Republic of Ireland abandoning religion faster than almost every other country

Survey finds Ireland second only to Vietnam in loss of religious sentiment

Goodbye Team UK: Is Northern Ireland too awkward to be included formally?

Sinn Fein finds new Northern Ireland border signs hard to welcome

Quinn case ‘shows SF opportunism’

Maginnis blasts UUP colleague in gay row

Sinn Fein are wealthiest party and biggest spenders

Peace process could unravel over tapes fight

Equal marriage fuels Gay Pride protest

Irish law would ‘disadvantage Protestants’

SDLP spat over stance on same-sex marriages

Sinn Feiner John O’Dowd denies infiltrating schools with Sinn Fein governors

Sinn Fein divisions on Sean Quinn support reopened

Irish Roman Catholic Church facing ‘Eucharistic famine’ due to shortage of priests

Jim Allister stirs pot in job bias ruling row

‘IRA’ graffiti appears in Derry

Mid-Ulster MP should ‘tell all’ about Claudy – Allister

Families remember Claudy victims

New Bloody Sunday probe to include ‘terrorist activity’

Gavin Robinson is first DUP representative to attend a gay pride event – “The DUP are on a learning curve . . . ” Sinn Fein.

July 2012

Separation – A doctrine in need of reiteration

Leviticus 20:1-8. This is the substance of a message preached by Rev Ivan Foster on a recent visit to the Czech Republic and Romania.

Separation is no new doctrine. It is not the invention of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster or any other separated denomination.

You are not necessarily living a separated life just because you attend a separated church. There are many who attend services in a denomination which espouses a proper Biblical and separated position regarding the ecumenical movement and the worldly music that increasingly pervades the worship of many churches and yet they themselves do not embrace a holy separated walk with God. They are no more separated unto the Lord than was Judas Iscariot who was associated with the Lord Jesus during the most of His earthly ministry. Read article…

The Second Advent

by Bishop J. C. Ryle.

In language that is both uncomplicated and unambiguous, Bishop Ryle deals with a subject that is so relevant for the Church of Christ today. The indifference of many toward the Bible’s teaching on the Second Advent, the slumbering and sleeping of many regarding the Saviour’s return and the inconsistencies of those who reject a literal interpretation of Scripture prophecies are all dealt ably and graciously by the great man.

“Exclusive Psalmody” — is it commanded of God?

The substance of a submission by Rev. Ivan Foster in his debate with Rev. Angus Stewart of Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship, Ballymena, on 14th January 2005. (reprinted from 2005) Click here to read.

Report of Rev. Ivan Foster’s visit to Czech Republic and Romania

Below is an audio report of Rev. Foster’s recent preaching trip to the Czech Republic and Romania. This report was originally broadcast as part of a Heart of the matter programme.

Some photographs from the trip.



Selected news stories

June 2012

Dr Joel Beeke update.

Dear Readers,

Last week, Pastor Ralph Ovadal and I sent out, including to a good many ministers, an article titled “Of Ducks and New Calvinists.”

The thesis, and conclusion, of that much read warning which we reluctantly sounded is that the very influential Dr. Joel Beeke is very much a New Calvinist. By way of justifying such a warning, we supplied copious amounts of documentation. That documentation included, but was very far from limited to, Dr. Beeke’s deep involvement in a grossly ecumenical organization called Refo500. Previously, some of this same information was also shared on the “Heart of the Matter” program.

Now this week, we have been informed by a minister close to Dr. Beeke that he has just agreed to sever all ministry connections to Refo500.

It is to be greatly wondered at how Dr. Beeke could ever have become involved in such a blatantly ecumenical venture in the first place! It is to be mourned that such pressure was necessary for him to withdraw from what was literally a partnership with the Refo500 consortium.

We ought now to pray that Dr. Beeke, who has so much influence with so many evangelicals, will move forward to reform his still deeply and broadly compromised ministry. See Dr. Joel Beeke – an enigma.

We hope the very best from, and for, him in that regard. We thought it only right, in view of the development mentioned, to send out this P.S. to our earlier article and ask that you forward it on to all with whom you shared that article. Thank you.


Ralph Ovadal, Pastor of Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin

Ivan Foster, Minister of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster (Retired)

The sinister peace behind the handshake

Never was there a more joyless ‘jubilee’ for the faithful child of God than that which we have witnessed here in Ulster!

The cynical mandarins of deceitful diplomacy, in company with ecumenism’s graceless wretches who masquerade as God’s servants but who are in truth the servants of the devil (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) have manipulated the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Northern Ireland on her Jubilee tour of the United Kingdom, in a most wicked and nefarious manner. Read more…

Dr. Joel Beeke – an enigma

Dr Joel Beeke is a well known and very well liked Calvinist from the United States. He is “Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA, editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books, and editor of the Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth” (Dr Beeke’s Sermonaudio site).

Many would speak of Dr Beeke’s pleasing persona and preaching style. None of these things is denied in the least. However, the company that Dr Beeke keeps on his conference-circuit perambulations does cause great concern to those anxious to obey God’s commands on separation from error, wickedness and apostasy. Read more…

Dr Paisley shares service with man he once condemned as a Romaniser and a liar

A memorial service was held on 4th June in Carrickfergus Town Hall for those involved the Bryantang bus crash 20 years ago. Not everyone involved in that tragedy was invited along to attend as a memorial plague was unveiled! A number who were involved those 20 years ago and who were also injured were never informed about it taking place.

Would it have anything to do with the fact that among those taking part in this ‘memorial service’ was Rev David Armstrong? Read more… (Link to Sound of an alarm website)

Selected news stories

Crime wave that is bankrolling terror

INLA gang ‘threatened to kill man’ over £35,000

Bloody Sunday investigation ‘must include Martin McGuinness’

John Hume knighted by Pope Benedict

Bloody Sunday probe ‘should include Martin McGuinness’

DUP Lord Mayor’s delight at launching annual Feile an Phobail

Jim Allister challenges both DPP and Chief Constable on Bloody Sunday investigation

Second SF minister in ‘jobs for Catholics’ row

Trust defends Causeway creationist display

Bloody Sunday: Police to investigate Derry deaths

Belfast City Council first in Ireland to support gay marriage…but unionists walk out before vote

McGuinness: IRA not apologising

MP’s horror at Queen, McGuinness meeting

Pope visit to NI ‘in near future’

Papal visit speculation dismissed

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke: UK plainly losing war on drugs

Anti-Protestant Bias in another Sinn Fein department

‘Giant step’ as NI leaders shake hands

IRA apology claims linked to reconciliation talks – Martin McGuinness

Sinn Fein plays down IRA general apology reports

McGuinness ‘told Queen he recognised her loss’

I recall what Martin McGuinness lent his hand to

Ruth Dudley Edwards: McGuinness embraces his defeat

Conor Murphy ‘hasn’t a sectarian bone’ says McGuinness (Then he must have no skeleton!!)

Details of north-south forum to be announced

The Queen meets Martin McGuinness: a cruel gimmick forced on the Monarch by Cameron’s government

US Congressman Peter King on how Queen’s historic handshake could lead to a United Ireland

Protestant (slight exaggeration) clergyman hails meeting

The Queen-McGuinness handshake: what the body language revealed

Sinn Fein Royal gesture will seal move to the middle ground

By shaking the Queen’s hand, Martin McGuinness accepts her sovereignty

Monsignor William Lynn becomes first US priest convicted for abuse cover up

Outrage at picture of armed IRA men

IRA still have a big say in Sinn Fein, says ex-MLA and RUC man

Violent Londonderry-based Irish republican group boasts it ‘can do everything the IRA used to do’

Sinn Fein minister found guilty of discrimination

Institutionalised sectarian discrimination under Sinn Fein Rule

Sinn Fein under fire over Westminster expense claims

Sinn Fein faces two inquiries over abuse of TDs’ expenses

One in four in IRA members were informers Smithwick Tribunal told

Infanticide and bestiality advocate given Australia’s highest civic award

Exit one Terrorist, Enter Another

Former Sinn Fein MLA believes Martin McGuinness will meet Queen

Lord Maginnis has whip withdrawn by Ulster Unionists over gay slur

Maginnis hits out at UUP leader’s ‘gross mistake’ to remove party whip

Anglicans threaten rift with government over gay marriage

Priestly sins have shaken faith of Irish Catholics, says pope

Taoiseach’s promise on Kingsmills